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  1. Marine Depot
    IT'S A TRAP! Robert Catches A Wrasse With The Aqua Medic Fish Trap!
  2. Marine Depot
    10% off Marine Depot Brand Products ❤ Save on RO/DI and ATO systems, overflow boxes, and more!
  3. Marine Depot
    Fish Traps: How to catch aquarium fish like a PRO Are you upgrading to a bigger tank but having difficulty catching your fish to move them into their new home? Do you have an aggressive fish that is bullying your other aquarium inhabitants that you'd like to remove and relocate? In today's...
  4. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Greetings. I have a petulant, and destructive 2" 6 line. Yeah, mistake to put one in..... He's killed a twin spot goby, and now harassing a nice Royal Gramma. He's destined to be my refugium inmate.... Does anyone have a plexiglass (or any style) fish trap they would be willing to lend...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I have a yellow tail damsel in my tank I am trying to get rid of. The thing is one of the original fish that I cycled the tank with. He has been alone in the tank for months and I am not sure I should add more fish before getting him out. Any suggestions on how to catch the little bugger...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, i have a coral beauty that is destroying my coral eating away like crazy im trying to get the fish out but after hours of chasing with net and trying to ambush everytime i come near the tank it hides in a cave that i created when i started the tank but on top of the cave is about 75 to...
  7. Aquarium 911
    Does anyone have a fish trap I can buy or use? My friend has a beautiful reef that I have helped her with and her 6 line wrasse is being a bully to all of her other fish. It killed 2 of her percula's already and we just got her 180 set up and really don't wanna rip it all apart lol We have tried...
1-7 of 7 Results