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  1. DIY Forum
    Hi everyone im new to this forum, but not to reef tanks. I just wanted to share some pics and gather some opinions on what everyone thinks of this style stand. I work at a huge fab shop called addictive desert designs. And design a lot of products you might be running on your trucks. Anyway I...
  2. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Hey guys! I recently found a 29 gallon tank by my dumpster and I want to move my fish from my 20 gallon to the bigger tank. My problem is, I dont have a stand. Im not looking for anything fancy... just something that will hold the tank. I does not even have to be an actual stand, it can be an...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hi I'm starting a 75 gallon reef tank and i'm not sure what to do for a stand. I am having a sump so i will need space for that. IF you guys have any brands you really like to use, that would be apreciated. I'm am also willing to do a DIY project so if you have any good plans. I would like...
1-3 of 3 Results