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  1. General Reef Discussion
    What is the best brand of flake/pellet food to supplement my little guy's diets? I've been using TetraMarine flake and pellet for about the last 20 months, is there something better out there? I'm sure there is...
  2. Marine Depot
    Introducing Fresh Frozen Food Delivery Healthy ingredients meticulously stored and shipped to your doorstep! Check out our infographic to see how we've improved our frozen delivery service... FEEDING FISH FEEDING CORAL
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I'm looking to DIY/make a liquid concoction of oysters to feed my corals at night with the return pump off. I have a commercial-grade blender that will liquify anything you drop in there. I want my end-product to be a thick liquid that will suspend in the water overnight with only an internal PH...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    The gritty mix of home made food Well today did some cooking, some fish cooking. 1 Octopus, baby calamaries, a bag of squids, some calamary tubes, 4 bags of shrimps, one bag of sardines, mysis shrimp, some red plankton, Krill, spirulina brine shrimp, Garlic, selcon vitamins, and spirulina...
  5. Marine Depot
    Save 20% off on food, auto feeders and feeding tools!
  6. General Reef Discussion
    What do you guys think about this? Have you heard of this? I mostly feed mysis and the food I use (Ocean Nutrition red and green flakes) have one of these questionable ingredients in them. At the aquaponics store I go to they sell organic fish...
  7. Marine Depot
    We checked our 2013 sales data this morning and noticed Coral Frenzy is our third best-selling aquarium food for the year, so we are super excited to announce we have the all-new Coral Frenzy Reef Pellet in stock today! Every ingredient is listed on the label, so there is no question of what...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Last night I drip acclimated my two new tank raised false percula clowns and this morning I tried feeding them flake food ( Omega One Marine Flakes with garlic.) they acted super interested but the problem is the flake food stays on the top of the tank. it doesn't ever go down. Do I not have...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I live in Northern Maine and it costs "big bucks" to get a $3 package of frozen food delivered. We have no local fish stores. I have been considering making homemade fish food from the grocery store. But I am worried because my friend (who doesn't feed frozen food) gave her puffer a fresh...
  10. Reefing Equipment
    Hey guys, I'm hoping this is the most appropriate place to post. Though it is quite an unusual question. I'm continuing to build a tank to feature in my living room. the aim of ny designed is to make maintenance as simple as possible. I've come across a product called the hatch and feed...
  11. General classifieds
    I have a 29 gallon tank with everything you need gravel, decor, flirtation, systems, air pump, stand light, cover,and some food. Asking 75 obo for all.Located in camp verde az just outside flagstaff.
  12. Reef Fish
    was up my fish friends, i have a question regarding what to feed. my live stock is: 1 bicolor angle 1 coral beauty 2 chorms 2 clowns (neno) 1 fire fish 2 pepper mits 1 blood shmip i have being feeding pellets, and sometimes frozen brimshrimp. but finding my biocolor not feeding with the...
  13. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    I just ordered some Reef Frenzy food gonna try it out and see how well the tank likes it. They are sending me some sample packs as well ,if anyone is interested in trying it out as well just let me know. Anyways, if anyone else has tried this food let know how you liked it.
1-13 of 45 Results