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  1. Reefing Equipment
    Ok, I'm a rookie within the saltwater tank community, only having freshwater in the past. I have a Cascade 1000 Canister Filter in a 55 gallon tank and I have a question or two for your enjoyment! 1) I bumped the filter while running the sweeper the other day and noticed a white sediment...
  2. Drilling Tank

    Made a template
  3. Reefing Equipment
    I have a new JBJ 28g Nano tank that's cycling right now. It has 15lbs of live rock and 25 lbs of live sand. It came with a media tray with carbon, a sponge and ceramic rings. I'm trying to plan what I want to use for filtration to keep the tank healthy and happy from the beginning (learned the...
  4. Mag Pumps

    Data from Marine Depot's website Accessed 2/6/13
  5. First Skimmate

    Reef Octopus NWB 150
  6. Tank Pics

  7. Heater

    Petco heater
  8. Full Tank Shot

  9. Nano Reefs
    Hi! I have a 29 gallon Biocube setup normally as it comes packaged. I have 27lb live rock, live sand and so far everyone in the tank is happy :) I get the water tested at my local marine shop weekly. What I am wondering is that what should I change in the setup? I see info about upgrading...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Its been literally years since I started a new tank so I have forgotten many of the little bits of info pertaining to what goes on. Right now the tank is a couple of days old. Salinity is 1.023, temp 79. I havent tested any other parms as my kits arent here yet. The tank has about 90 pounds of...
  11. Nano Reefs
    So I am starting a new thread here about my new 14gal nano. The RO-DI is running atm and this afternoon I plan on hitting my LFS to get sand, LR, some salt mix and some test kits. Anything that I need to do to the tank before putting things in it? Wipe it all down I imagine with some RO? It...
  12. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Hi everyone, I'm Matt... a student at JU, working on my bachelors and masters at the same time, should graduate (finally) in December. I just got hooked on SW a few weeks ago by a friend. Looks like you have a great group of Jacksonville reefers on here. Hopefully you can help a newbie like...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Ammonia; 0 Nitrate; 80 Nitrite; 0 High Range pH; 8.3 Salinity; 1.026
  14. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Ok, I did some spring cleaning and here's what I've got: One Penguin type dual wheel aquarium filter. I think it's rated for up to 50 gal tanks. Worked very well last time it was used. Also comes with a container of Aqua Pure Ammonia Reducer. I know it's not SW, but I know there are some folks...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I currently have a 125 gal tank with 3 emperor 400's running in my fish only tank. no reef tanks in hawaii. I have decided I want to move to better filtration and I was wondering what size wet/dry I should get. specifically dimensions or gallon size of the bi-ball container. I know the sump can...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've had my tank running for about 6 months (converted to SW from FW after my 4 year old pumped a few squirts of hand soap into my tank :rolleyes:) and I've got some questions...but I guess I'll start with some basic info... 55 gallons ph 8.2 amonia...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    the splashy water noise from the first to second tank in my bio cube is verry loud , origianly it had the bio balls and the slotted plastic at top to keep the water from splashin, but now thats all removed and its just a faaalllll, i have a water pump down in this runnin water down to my...
1-20 of 291 Results