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    Hi wonderful TRT folks, :help: So the thumbnail "glitch" has been around for some time. However, it appears to be in a second stage of the issue. Now when I upload an image, it proceeds to go through as a successfulupload and then when in my gallery, it gives me the broken picture icon and...
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    title says it all when i try to upload a picture via album or thread it just keeps saying error upload failed?
  3. Announcements, Suggestions, and Feedback
    So the last few days, I have been unable to access TRT... has the site been down for a few hours in the last 5-7 days. Very odd.
  4. Announcements, Suggestions, and Feedback
    Didn't know if you guys wanted to see this so here was an error I kept getting for a min, but then TRT was back to normal... jtablesession::Store Failed DB function failed with error number 1062 Duplicate entry 'klcrg9d5dn5ue798uhbs22lv44' for key 1 SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_session` (...
  5. Trt Sps Error

    Trt Sps Error

    .jpeg of error page in sps forum
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    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=tcat>Close this window Manage Attachments </TD></TR><TR><TD class=thead>Upload Errors</TD></TR><!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: newattachment_errormessage --><TR vAlign=top><TD...