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  1. General classifieds
    Bought a new cube tank when I moved and no longer need the two Gen 3 fixtures to light it so I am selling one. Works perfectly, no issues and no cosmetic problems. contact me for further questions or pictures etc. Price is $400 firm. I live in Adairsville about 45 minutes from Atlanta GA...
  2. Atlanta Reef Club
    I recently bought a cubed tank that just needed one so I am selling the other fixture. The craigslist link is here: Price is $400 firm Nothing wrong with it is in perfect working condition. Comes with...
  3. General classifieds
    Selling for a friend: Gen3 Radion XR30w Pro, In excellent condition. Manufactured in March 2016 and used for only 7 months since. — Asking $500 Shipped ReefLink — Asking $85 Shipped Accepting Offers! Just PM Me. Feel free to ask any questions.
  4. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Asking $5000.00 for all Orange Park, FL TANK: Deep Sea Aquatics 190 Gallon PRO 60x27x27 built-in center overflow box 3x 1" overflows 2x 3/4" returns Back panel painted black SUMP: custom made for the DSA 190 tank 47x23x17.5 center overflow intake pass through sock compartment into skimmer...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys/gals ive been running the black chinese box leds now for about 2 years and they are great with coral growth but the visuals are not as great as some of the lights that i have seen in retail stores and what now. Its time to upgrade. What do you guys recommend as far as best bang for your...
  6. Lighting
    Hi Guys, I am looking for a little advice. I have been in the hobby for about 15 years and am in the process of revamping my reef. It suffered a rather crazy green hair algea and phosphate bloom that went uncontrolled for a couple months and I lost most of the livestock. I am getting it back on...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to the forum and apologize if this question has been addressed a lot already. I have Ecotech Vortech pumps and would like to get the Reeflink controller so that I can program different pump modes to come on at various times during the day. For instance, usng Reefcrest early and...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I don't mind spending the cash if it's worth it. I've only got a two bulb T5ho fixture over the tank right now and I know it's not enough to keep corals. I've got a standard 75G 48"x18"x18" tank that's about 6 weeks old and doesn't have any coral in it yet. It looks like I could just buy one...
  9. Reefing Equipment
    Hello everyone I wonder If you can help me :)! I have recently took the plunge into the marine hobby again after 6 years away! I decided I would purchase an Aquaone Aquareef 195 as I wanted a system that was all In one apposed to my old converted trigon 190! Since then a lot has happened and I...
  10. General classifieds
    I have two Radion Gen 2 XR30w for sale, they both come with wide angle lens upgrade. Used for just over a year at 50% intensity. Price is $425 each or $830 for both (prefer to sell both together). Shipping is from WA, I'll split shipping if you buy both. If you buy before Monday, price is OBO...
  11. DIY Forum
    Anyone know if we can simply place an order for the Gen3 Pro retrofit cluster upgrade kit and install ourselves, or does my Gen1 require Radion to receive it in the mail for them only to make the upgrade? I'm aware that the pucks and TIR lenses need to be replaced, as well as a plastic clamp to...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Finally got all my new stuff in ready to install.. 76g Oceanic HalfRound 20g Sump
  13. Marine Depot
    The price of the hobby's most popular pump just dropped $95.26! Get your VorTech today with FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S...
  14. Reef Fish
    So I'm letting my 215 cycle and I am looking at lighting options. Currently I believe I'm running 6 - 72in t5 lights and they all work allegedly. But I'm looking for possible upgrades. I have checked out the ecotech marine radion xp30, and the kessil a360. Tank dimensions are 72x24x32 with a...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    So I just wanted to brag a little bit. Just picked up two Gen 3 Radion XR30W'2 for just over $1,000 including a hanging bracket. One brand new, one is 7 months old used. Also got a reef link controller from BRS for $100!! :banana:
  16. Marine Depot
    Last Minute Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers Sale ends 1/4/15 There is still time to get your order by Christmas! We are also offering 10% off all filter media until midnight Monday with coupon MEDIA. Stock up and save!
  17. General Reef Discussion
    ok guys first off i would like to say i am in no way bashing the company or promoting another company... i do however want to state my views on this pump.. if any of you have seen the pump you can see that it resembles a crude vortech mp10.. it has similar specs too.. don't you guys think this...
  18. Marine Depot
    Here is a taste of some of the amazing deals you'll see later this week and on Black Friday at Marine Depot! We also have a site-wide 15% off coupon good until 12/1 (BLACKFRIDAY2014) you can use for items that aren't already on sale, out of stock, drop shipped or have a MAP price policy.
  19. Marine Depot
    EcoTech Marine Reeflink now ONLY $99! YES! You read that right, EcoTech Marine has permanently dropped the price on the Reeflink from $199 to ONLY $99! Now, you can get access to the world of EcoSmart live at half off! Shop today!
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1-20 of 63 Results