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  1. Stuff

    new clam was nipped by a wrasse in his previous owners tank but is healing nicely
  2. Skimmer Is Here!

    First glimpse of the skimmer
  3. Close Ups

  4. Nano Reefs
    ok so i had a large reef tank in the past and desided to make our 12g Eclipse tank into a (mild) reef. What I mean is the easy stuff not going all out here. So the tank is re-set back up with 20lbs of live sand and 15lbs of live rock. My only question is the lighting. I found a retrofit with 2...
  5. General classifieds
    Skimmers:Euroreef model ES with pump $175.00,ETSS Reef devil $100.00,Aqua C urchin $75.00,Red Sea wavemaker wavemaster 3 $75.00,Red Sea wavemaster pro $100.00,Wavestrip wavemaker$40.00,Kangaroo dosing pump $100.00,Flex-flo dosing pump $100.00,Iwaki Pumps:MD20 RXT $120.00,MD30 RT $140.00,MD55 RLT...
  6. TCMAS
    Hi I am looking for a used lighting set up for a 29g, something considered at least moderate for purchase. send me a pm if anyone can help my hobby grow. I live in Bloomington thank you gaspusher
  7. Atlanta Reef Club
    hi guys, I have a few this fir sale here, 2" heavy duty bulk head $10.00 Salifert calcium test kit used twice $5.00 Salifert alkalinity test kit used twice $5.00 Dual 55 watt PC retro fit kit (used 3 months) $35.00 Pan world pump 50 PXX (3 months new) $70<O:p</O:p 6 ft acrylic tube 4.5" OD...
  8. Atlanta Reef Club
    I'm looking for either a power compact setup or a retrofit kit for a 20 gallon tank. I haven't measured it yet, but I think the tank is 24" wide. It's the normal sized 20 gallon. I have an Eclipse hood for it, but it's only got fluorescent capabilities right now. T5s would be cool too, but I'm...
  9. Nano Build-Off 2007
    I'll be setting up a 3 gallon Eclipse tank. Hardware 3 gallon Eclipse Tank System No additional lighting planned at this point (Eclipse hood comes with a small florecent 6W T5 bulb which I'm hoping will be enough for some growth of algea for nutrient removal) No Stand (will be sitting on my...
  10. Nano Build-Off 2007
    Ok here is the plans for my nano if i decide to continue with it:thumbup: It will be a learning experience as well as fun. I have a 10 gallon that will be home to mushroom's and GSP's. I will have one fish not sure on the kind maybe a chromis or a damsel. Specs: 10 gallon tank HOB filter...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    so im starting up a 29 gallon that eventually im going to move a few of my fish from the 20 into. my question is is with 14 lbs of live rock and a bio wheel from an established tank and two damsils (i hate them with other fish but hate an empty tank worse) could my already be converting nitites...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I have seen 280 metal h. on 29 gal, tanks. that is about 10 wpg. is it just me, or is that too much light? I'm asking because i want to upgrade my lights, but don't want to hurt some thing in my tank. also how huch heat do m.h. put out (175 watts)? will i have to get a chiller or is 4" above the...
  13. TCMAS
    For a F.O.W.LR? I see most here seem to have larger tanks but this isn't possible for me right now, I'm all out of space! Can a 29 gallon work with some small fish and a few pounds of live rock and live sand? I'm not into corals or anything fancy, I just like watching fish. I know the fish...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    so i got some questons.... once i get the skimmer, i dont need the stock cover anymore right? as well as the stock filter? where do you guys put the things that shoot out the water, after it's been sucked up in from the filter? and where do you put the heater, if you dont have a sump? oh and...
  15. Atlanta Reef Club
    Single ended moguls for MH bulbs: $5 each Mag7 with broken output: $5 *PENDING* Mag5 (slip input): $15 *PENDING* Mag 2 (no impeller nor cover) FREE to anyone who buys anything *PENDING* Mag12 BRAND NEW in box (never used): $80 Heaters: $3 (two 50w and one 150w)
1-19 of 91 Results