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  1. DIY Forum
    I have been running a Carlson surge on my tank for a few year now. I have been able get the it quit by putting a small pipe on the overflow of the flush valve. However, i have been unable to remove the air in the pipe before the syphon kicks in. I have tried venting the pipe but it only...
  2. The THINK Tank
    I am in the process of building a little 36 gallon bow front with a little 10 gallon sump. Any ways I have decided that I am going to build my own LED fixture since I am all about DIY. My idea is to run a wide spectrum of colors to see if i can put more of the colors that reach the depth corals...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    i just bougt a kent marian hi-s ro with 2 di and a prefilter from a guy but i dont know if it working the way it should be but if anyone has any advice or knows how this thing should be plumbed plz send me a message.
  4. Reefing Equipment
    Here is what I built to dose food for my corals. Some time ago I wanted to leave town for a week of a vacation. I was worried about my corals, I wanted them to be fed when I am away, but I did not want to bother my friends or let people from LFS come in and feed my corals. So I set up this...
  5. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    OK so I have a four year old and explaining what a fish toilet does is a lot easier than explaining a protein skimmer. That said I thought I'd share with you our little project for the day. Materials: 2 litter Publix Diet Ginger Ale bottle 64 oz Apple Juice bottle AquaClear 30 Powerhead 5/8...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    A friend has given me a Rena xps2 filter canister. I am thinking about converting to a sort of refugium. I would pull some small pieces of live rock from the tank, add some chaeto, possibly some pods, and hit it with a light at night. Any thoughts? Should I just stick carbon It? Thanks gents
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I have been thinking about the canister filters. I have seen the design of most of them have the 3 stages of filtration. Some are just a canister with a filter inside. Water comes in one side and out the other simple!!!! So here is my idea. At wal-mart they have this pool...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    hey guys, i know im still a novice at the hobby but i was thinking today about making a filter using a phosban reactor and reef sand, any input would be helpful thanks in advance happy reefing
  9. DIY Forum
    i need help getting an idea about sump plans, preferably the do-it yourself kind. i have a 75g & im wondering what would be a good tank size to use as a sump? & i would like some recommendations for which plan i should use, preferably a somewhat easier plan... & nothing too expensive(limit=$400)...
1-9 of 9 Results