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  1. Gems Of Coral

    GEMS of Coral
  2. Old 50 Gallon Reef Tank

    Old 50 Gallon Reef Tank
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I've got a current orbit lighting fixture (, and need to replace the bulbs. Looking at many previous posts, I'm gathering that there are some better bulb options than the current bulbs...
  4. SPS Coral Forum
    I have 2 monti caps. I picked up a green one a week ago, and I got a purple/red yesterday. Both are starting to bleach out. The green is about 10% bleached and the purple is starting to bleach on the edge. The kicker is that they are under PC lighting. To be specific they are about 6-7...
  5. Lighting
    I have a 48" unit with 2 150w bulbs. I replaced bulbs about a month ago. Everything seemed fine after I changed the bulbs, but recently I noticed that one side of the tank is much brighter than the other (and, one bulb is brighter than the other). What's wrong? I just swapped the bulbs...
  6. Lighting
    Ok so I want to have soft corals and maybe some low-medium lighting LPS's. 1. What watt/gallon ratio should I aim for? 2. What is a better lighting type system? Any Preferences? 3. Should I go the extra mile and just buy the HQI fixture made for the aquapod?
  7. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I am going to set up my 125 soon , and was wondering how much light do I need to grow coarls. I think im going to try growing "SPS"
  8. Nano Reefs
    Hello! Well I am just getting ready to start into the saltwater scene. After 5+ years of experience doing various freshwater fish I have decided I would like to make a saltwater tank. Yes, I have been reading up on my material. Other wise I would be starting it right now and blowing my money all...
  9. Nano Reefs
    I have a 24gal Aquapod with the lights built into the lid. This past Friday I got a digital thermometer so I could better keep track of tank temperature. Late this evening, I noticed that the temperature was all the way up around 84F. As I've had this tank for over a year, I'm assuming this...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    before i get a anemone i want to know what i plan on feeding it....i was thinking fish but didn't know what kind to feed it. What kind do you feed it
  11. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    i have a 120g reef tank, with current orbit extreme power compact with 4 130w bulbs. they have been in there for about a year now, and i figure it is time to change them out. i was looking around. currently there are 2 dual daylight 6700ºK/10000ºK bulbs, and 2 Dual Actinic 420/460nm. i found...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I got a leather coral last week it was doing great but yesterday i noticed the polyps wern't open and it limped over(bent) like its dying it also has a brownish black spot on the side. here is a picture. Also can any one id this type of leather coral.
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 24g aquapod with 3.5" substrate, the 32w Sunpaq dual actinic is about 13" above. Is this too much light for the chili coral and other low light loving corals? Should I remove the reflector also?Or this this still too much light?
  14. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    We are looking at new bulbs for our aquarium. We have 4-36 watt compact flourescent (2 actinic, 2 daylight, all came with the fixture) and 2-48" VHO actinics in a 72 gallon bowfront tank. The VHOs are only 3 months old so shouldn't need replacement yet, but the others are hitting a bit over 8...
  15. NFMAS Member Tanks
    Ok, so I have decided to do a build post. I plan to keep softies in this tank, and the LR I got has some beautiful mushrooms and kenya trees. Here is what I have: Equipment: - 20g Long tank - 25lb Caribsea Caribbean LS - ~25lb Beautiful LR (from Jojon60) - Orbit 65W Dual Actinic lighting -...
  16. Nano Reefs
    Ok, I am starting my 20L nano, and have come up with some fish that I think will work well. Anyone know if this will be ok, or will I run into potential problems? I want all the research done before I put in water... Fish list: Mated pair false percs Tail spot blenny Royal Gramma Sixline...
  17. Nano Reefs
    Hello, its been a while, been very busy, and fighting cyano in my other tank for the last month or 2. I am finally getting some of my time back so here I go with a new build. Thanks to MarineScape I finally got a tank to replace my little 8.8g nano. I picked up a 24g Aquapod at MarineScape when...
  18. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I thought I would start this new thread to move the temp issues from another reefers thread which had nothing to do with TEMP. So lets let it roll here. I've been looking at some of the data from the link that was posted and have allot of dought about the info read so far so I would like to know...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    20 gallon high with 130 watts pc (10,000k daylight and the dual actinic). Shrooms, rics, zoas, sps, anthelia and palys. I have fragged the original paly colony into four and have one on the bottom where it's thriving (doubled in 2 weeks). The higher levels seem to be a bit bright for them so...
1-20 of 156 Results