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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I have had a dragon wrasse for over a year and a half and it is the most hardiest fish I have had. But anytime I do anything in the tank I wont see him for days. I bought another dragon wrasse about a month ago and it has been good. But the other day I added an eel and my new dragon wrasse has...
  2. Reef Fish
    I was thinking of having the following in my 120g mixed reef tank. I apologize for lacking additional info... would need to know best conditions for this list and will do my best to make accommodation... Also what would be the ideal sequence of introducing these fish? -Chromis (~7?) -Clown...
  3. Mag Pumps

    Data from Marine Depot's website Accessed 2/6/13
  4. General Reef Discussion
    So I had my mom go pick up some water from my LFS today. And she came back home with a nice dragon wrasse for my 35 gallon tank... Apparently they told her it could live in there for years comfortably and wouldn't add any bioload... Oh what they'll do for a sale.
  5. Reef Fish
    Ok so I got my dragon wrasse like a week ago and he's been fine, swimming around, eating, etc. Until this morning I came out and he was still buried in the sand which I know is normal but he's usually out by the time i'm awake. It was around 10am and the lights go on around 8. The temperature is...
  6. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    i have a 120 gallon tank. the power went out during the hurricane for 5 days. my clarkii clown and damsel were already sick (with idk what...most likely a fungus, ich or both) and didnt make it. my porc puffer also had a fungus on his eyes so he was easy to catch and i brought him to the LFS...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    i have a FOWLR tank with a juvinile dragon wrasse & a snowflake eel & want to add one more fish... can i add a flame angel?
  8. Stand Build

    Stand for 75 gal and 40 Gal
  9. Pennsylvania Reef Club (PRC)
    Fish To Be Avoided: (fish that have incredibly low survivability in aquaria or are totally unsuitable for home aquaria) Moorish Idol (a few success stories but miniscule amounts live long, difficult feeder, mystery deaths, and even when accepting prepared foods often slowly starves)...
  10. Margaritaville
    Good Morning Everyone!:wavey:
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Van some one id this, its at an lfs and it wasn't labled but it was fun to watch. sorry about he bad picture but it ws the best i could get.
  12. General Reef Discussion
    the lfs has a really nice sized on and i want one i dont have any shrimp but i do have snails and i want to get a clam will he pics at the clam? also will they stay away from coral?
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I have seen alot of threads and ppl here love pics. I haven't seen a thread of this sort so I love pics and would like to see your favorite fish (in your tank) or if you still have that first fish (in your tank). Let's post them and brag a little about them.
  14. Reef Fish
    I really really really want a dragon wrasse. I think they are the coolest fish EVER. But, I want to really do my research before I just buy one "because I want one." I doubt that he's reef safe (I can't remember honestly) but I'm wanting to get another bigger tank, which I could essentially...
  15. Tank Specs
    29gallon tank wet/dry with rio 2100 pump one 45 gal heater light fixture current-usa 65watt/10000k daylight/460nm 15lb rock need more "fish" "invetibrates" 1 dragon wrasse 1maroon clown 2 coral catfish 1coral bandid shrimp 2 sea urchins 1 sand shifting star "corals" 3 xenias 1 hammer coral 1...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Ok...few questions before I get started. 1. What do you do about clean-up crews? Most of the fish that you would have in a FO tank eat the snails and stuff, right? 2. How much flow? I was planning on 2 Hydor 4's and my sump return (1 on each end of the tank (powered by a Mag 9.5) 3. How...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    My 10 yr old boy Chase loves daddys fish tanks and loves helping so Santa is bringing one home to him for Christmas. Not bad for a hundred dollars the whole set up tank corals skimmer and a 130 watt pc light on a 10 gallon. I will bring it home on Christmas Eve before he comes over, what do you...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I am looking at getting some aggressive species of fish for my reef tank. I keep mainly LPS and Tridacnid clams. As of right now, I have no fish in my tank. I really like the Miniatus Grouper, Harlequin Tusk, 8-Line Wrasse, and some of the more aggressive larger wrasses (Bananna, Bird...
  19. Tank Specs
    DLO's 1400 (was 220) Hello all , My 220 was set up about 4 years ago. 220 display 220 gallon basement sump 72" Aqualight Pro for lights Hammerhead for sump return Aquaclear skimmer DT is not drilled so I use 2 1200 gph HOB overflows A couple of power heads Regal Tang Sailfin Tang Thompsons...
1-20 of 90 Results