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  1. General Reef Discussion
    First off I have to say that running a dosing pump for Calcium and Alkalinity has been one of the best moves that I have made for my SPS corals. This is going to be a long post, but I think that it is valuable for anyone dosing to read. When I started to dose, I began by simple adding a small...
  2. Marine Depot
    Dosing Deals: 10% Back on EVO 4 + 20% Off Supplements Better Reefing Through Chemistry! Setting Up an Aquarium Dosing Pump: It's Easier Than You Think! Advanced Dosing: Beyond Calcium and Alkalinity
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I weekly dose calcium buffer, trace elements, magnesium, strontium, etc. I would like to set up a dosing pump. How do I set up a dosing pump, and how does it work? Also, I want to add an auto top-off system to my tank. Does anyone have some good cheap recommendations and tips for adding an auto...
  4. Marine Depot
    Don't let these BLACK FRIDAY deals slip away… SUNDAY'S TOP SELLERS Hanna Checker Alkalinity - 25% OFF Hanna Checker Phosphate - 25% OFF Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix - 15% OFF Kent Marine Sea Squirt Feeder - 15% OFF Maxspect Gyre XF230 Gyre Pump and Controller - 20% OFF AquaMaxx FR-SE...
  5. Marine Depot
    Ethereal and Radion G4 in stock + ATO and Doser Deals Upgrade your lighting plus automate tank top-off and dosing!
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys, just a quick question. Does anyone have experience/thoughts that they would like to share about the Jebao DP-4 dosing pump? I'm lookin into getting one to dose Mag, Cal, Alk and vodka carbon dose. From my experience with Jebao is that it is a reliable product with wavemaker just not...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    For my dosing pump i need a very small tubing (roughly 2mm) and I saw this at home depot? Does anyone know if this would be reef safe?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Does anyone use the Bubble Magus dosing pump? I just bought the BM-T11 dosing pump and in the process of setting it up I realized I didnt have enough tubing. The problem is that I cant find the size of the tube anywhere. I did see 2mm ID online but now i cant find that tubing size at a...
  9. Marine Depot
    Just Dose It Give your reef precisely what it needs to grow and thrive! Setting Up an Aquarium Dosing Pump: It's Easier Than You Think! Advanced Dosing: Beyond Calcium and Alkalinity
  10. Marine Depot
    Setting Up a Dosing Pump: It's Easier Than You Think! Tired of daily dosing? Let a dosing pump do the work for you!
  11. Dosing and reactor equipment
    I have general question about dosing pump ... if we are to go specific, model is Jebao DP4. I intend to dose via dosing pump to sump. My question is: does the dosing pump need to be at a higher level than the sump for it to work properly? I don't intend to purchase the bracket (if I don't...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Quick question for anyone out there. I upgraded my 65 gallon to a 120 yesterday and i was talking about it with someone and they said I will for sure need a UV sterilizer and dosing pumps for my tank since i upgraded. Is that true? I have mostly soft corals and some lps (frogspawn and an acan...
  13. Marine Depot
    Win a Neptune Systems DŌS (a $349.95 value) and get *BONUS* entries for each person you refer! Neptune Systems' revolutionary dosing and fluid delivery system, the DŌS, is one of the hottest aquarium products of 2015. So hot, in fact, that current demand exceeds available supply. Fortunately...
  14. Marine Depot
    This article will give you insight into some of the popular ways hobbyists are automatically dosing their aquariums and help you on the road to total aquarium automation-freedom from tedious and messy manual dosing or top-off!
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I was thinking of using a dosing pump to do daily water changes, any ideas on that? i was looking at the Jebao Dosing pump DP-4 (it is the cheapest out there) and was wondering if there is a way to change the flow per minute on each of the heads? Any ideas? The dosing pump can be used to...
  16. Reefing Equipment
    Curious if anybody out there has used the Jebao Dosing pump? I have been deciding between getting 2 of the BRS dosing pump and the jebao dp-4.
  17. Marine Depot
    Tank Automation: It's easier than you think! If you have been kicking around the idea of setting up an automatic dosing system for your reef tank, this article is for you. We provide step-by-step instructions and reveal how to set up a dosing pump to free you from maintenance with the larger...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys I'm back. Been a long time.away!!!! I need some help with dosing pumps. I got a new 125g tank with 40g breeder sump. I need to dose 2 part and it's becoming to hard for me to do everyday and I'm about to launch Into sps and need more consistent dosing. What pumps should I use and...
  19. Reefing Equipment
    Need this for a new sps acropora setup. Anyone have any experience with the best combo (2part 4part 5part)for this and what kind of gear?
  20. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I have a few items for sale. NextReef MR1 Reactor with 70gph adjustable pump. (blue one) $50 BRS 1.1ml Single Dosing Pump $60 4x3 Custom stand and open hanging canopy. Needs a little touch much but nothing major. $650 OBO
1-20 of 411 Results