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distilled water
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  1. General Reef Discussion
    My RO and wash machine connection blew out leaving maybe 100g on the floor in less than 1/2 hour. I sucked up probably 70g anyway. So till I get this fixed properly I'm buying "distilled" water. Ha! humbug! The 1st 3 jugs tasted absolutely awful of plastic, though it was dated pkg 7/11/15 exp...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I need to top up my tank but I dont have any ro left (i thought i still had 25 litres but its empty) i cant get to my usual ro supplier until the weekend as they are quite a treck away but i can get hold of some distilled water just down the road. Its for car batteries but as far as im aware...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I need to calibrate a PinPoint pH probe & controller. I'm completely out of 7.0 pH calibration solution. Someone told me to buy distilled water off a grocery shelf and its exactly 7.0 pH. Is this true???
  4. Reefing Equipment
    Hi looking at buying this RO DI unit, do you think this one will do the job? not sure if has enough stages etc thanks.
  5. Reefing Equipment
    I was wondering if using the water from my own distiller would be fine to use in my sw aquarium? It says it removes all kinds of stuff but i figured if i could use this i wouldn't have to buy a ro/di unit any help would be appreciated
  6. The THINK Tank
    Hi guys. Had a quick question that maybe some of you more experienced reefers could help me out on. My dad works for Hinkley bottled water company and he tells me that all their water is RO water. So my question is: Can store bought distilled water (i.e. Hinkley) be used in your tank for water...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    My tank has been set up for about 4 months and nothing will get rid of this green algea that grows pretty fast, within a week. I am using distilled water from walmart, and everything for water parimeters is fine. 0 phosphates, 0 nitrates and trites, amonia. I dose calcium and essential elements...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I am semi new to the hobby and been juggling with water. I live in long island ny, and my tap water is not so bad, no phosphates, silicates, nitrate, nothing. I was using this for my tank and it was all going good except the fact that i had this bright green calcium type algea all over rocks in...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    i am setting up a 29 gallon reef tank and I saw that Wal-Mart has a water dispenser at the front of the store from Culligan which says it is filtered through reverse osmosis, just wondering if anyone has tried this or knows how clean it is, or should i just go with the distilled water they sell...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    If I use Distilled Water and a salt mix during water changes is that enough in terms of putting essential minerals back in the water? Thanks.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have another question that I would like everyones opinion on so here it is. If you don't have access to RO/DI water or distilled water what would be other good options to treat or purify water so as to not cause problems down the road? Now for the back ground on this...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    So I've been doing a 1gallon daily w/c with steam distilled water from work and oceanic instant ocean salt. The distiller is more than 10yrs old, just wondering if there is any way to test or tell that it is good quality to use? My tank with the H.A. is looking better btw
1-12 of 12 Results