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dimmable led fixture
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  1. DIY Forum
    Today, after about a week of set up, I finally got all of my lights hung and wires soldered. I am running two separate fixtures with wires connecting the two in the middle. This morning, after realizing I needed two wires per string to connect the two heatsinks together, I rewired...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hello , I am thinking of building my own LED fixture using Rapid Led Dimmable drivers . With a total of 8 drivers needed how many can the AquaController Apex control ? I would assume you can tie multiple drivers together 0 to10v from a single control . Thanks for your time , Tonythefish
  3. DIY Forum
    First...Never Buy Anything from Skimz. They will ignore you if you have a problem with their product. They are located in Singapore and do not respond to product defects. They don't stand by their products, so don't buy them. I randomly decided to install LEDs on my 180 before I start my fish...
1-3 of 3 Results