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    I am planning to feed fish using Automatic Fish feeder, twice a day or so. This way they do not need to depend on us and will get food in timely manner. Now if we select twice a day the food will get into the tank after 12 hr of interval. My lighting cycle is as below 2-3pm blue moon only 3-4pm...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I was wondering if the red spots were coralline. Some of the spots are very dark red. I see bits of purple around the tank on different rocks, they're growing slowly. But this rock has the most from what I can see from the front. I see this red stuff on other rocks, but they're more raised...
  3. Close Ups

    Close Ups

  4. Close Ups

    Close Ups

    orange slime
  5. General Reef Discussion
    This worm comes out after the lights go off. Its shaped like a piece of spaghetti. About 1.5" of its body comes out of a small hole in the rock. Its NOT a bristle worm, I don't think. :) There is another smaller one that I've seen too. This video is not the best but you can see about .5' of...
  6. Mystery Worm

    Mystery Worm

    This worm comes out at night. I've seen 1.5" of body with the rest in the rock. Its shaped like a piece of spaghetti. Its not a bristle worm.
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    Hey guys!! Today i was at petco and was talking to an employee there. He was talking about his tank and he went in the back, turned the area lights off and he had this light attached to his keyring. He shined it on some of the corals and some of them started to glow! What type of light is this...