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  1. Lighting
    90 gallon...mostly lps, orange monti Currently I am using a Current Nova Extreme(not PRO) 4x54(one pc contoured around each bulb reflector) and an older 2x54 Nova strip with one pc reflector.. total 6x54 would a TEK 4x54 and TEK reflectors set up be more effective than the 6x54 Current Nova...
  2. Lighting
    just wanted everyones thoughts. 90 gallon I'm currently running a 4bulb current nova with a 2 bulb current nova strip so 54x6 total...324 total watts. downside of this set up is the 2 bulb does not have individual reflectors, I took the legs off to try to help some. I also have a pair of...
1-2 of 2 Results