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coral brown
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  1. The THINK Tank
    Hi everyone :) I'm new here. I used to have for years fresh water aquariums. Now I'm in Vietnam (I'm from Canada). Tropical fish are cheap here. Ex a sea horse is about $5. 10 days ago I bought the whole kit. The aquarium is 1m x 50cm x 40cm. 200 liters or about 50 gallons. Light Kao Kui KK100A...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    EDITED: tank specs: 75gal actinic 4x54w T5s 20K 2x250w MH Ushio light 10-12 inches off waterline actinics 8hrs 20Ks 6hrs question: if a SPS has rich colors like purples and blues at the Store....only to come home and within a few weeks turns brown and loses the purple/blue colors, if this a...
1-2 of 2 Results