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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I have had freshwater aquariums for 10 years and I finally started a saltwater tank. Things were going really well but I now seem to be have problems so I joined this forum in hopes that all you experienced hobbyists can help me and my tank. History: Started a 55 gallon paint with a 33 gallon...
  2. LPS Coral Forum
    My 55gal tank are ready to add coral. What do I need to know when adding coral to the tank? I am thinking of hammer coral from LFS. I know that you need to acclimate them before putting them into the tank, what else should I be aware of? How much coral can I add to a 55gal tank? Please help. Thanks
  3. Lighting
    hey i have a 55g tank with a compact flourescent. i would like to know what corals i can house using this light. 2 12000k and 2 itenics. if you think i should switch to a different light let me know.
  4. LPS Coral Forum
    I have 55gal FOWL and I am planning to add coral but not sure, do coral need to be feed, what to be feed and how often you feed them? Please help. Thanks,
  5. General Reef Discussion
    52 gallon reef tank . got a good lighting system going to picture the progress.
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I quickley bought a coral at coralcon on my arrival home I noticed 2 of its points looked like bare bone the 2 points are about1/2" each. Will they grow back or should I just clip them off?
  7. Tank Specs
    Hello All, Saw this area of the forum and decided to notate the specs of my tank. I currently have a 55 Gallon tank, with about 60lbs of liverock and 3 inches of live sand. I have a sump underneath the tank, along with an Octopus internal skimmer. I will turn a portion of the sump into a...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I plan to have corals in my tank but am hearing so many different stories as which way to go... Canister, Sump, none of the above and just live rock with some power heads!!! I like the idea of a sump because it seems more real to life, but living in an apartment I am limited on space where the...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Hi i have tried for months and months and i cant get my coral to grow/spread. I have tried fuel and all other type of stuff its just not working for me. I was wondering if someone who is great in this department, which stays in the Orlando area could either let me bring some liverock over and...
  10. Tank Specs
    specs: 216watt t5 lighting with 2 led moonlights skimmer up to 75 gallon so far 30lbs of hatian live rock 40lbs caribsea aragonite reef sand(not live) over flow blox with small sump mag 5 return pump koralia evo. 1050 and 750 powerhead 1 green chromis pulsing xenia brown star polyp brown...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I just got a small frag with what was called "yellow pagoda". It doesn't really resemble other cup corals I have seen. It is basically a small frag with a rough, bumpy texture. There are neon green "eyes" inside of each bump. I have had it now for 5 days and nothing has come out. Here is a...
1-11 of 11 Results