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    Got 55 lbs of dead rock that was once live rock, the LFS said they just rinsed it off and let it dry out. It was $1.50 a pound, and the rock looks pretty good. My question is if this is going into a new tank that needs to be cycled, do I need to cook the rock or anything?
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    I'm about to bite the phosphate bullet and start cooking my rock. Do you guys know if I need to replace my sand bed before I put the rock back in? I figure if my rocks are saturated in phosphates the sand probably is too. Thanks!
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    A few months back some algae got into my tank from my sump i didn't think anything of it but now the algae is growing all over. its getting out of control. if any one has any suggestions on how to remove it. its not on all the rocks yet, but a little less than half of them.
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    I have about 30 lbs of LR I needed to cook. There was a lot of mushroom corals that I left on it. Never! Never! Never! Go out to eat and then decide to come home and change out the water in your LR cooking bins! At least the first week or so.:barf: I managed to keep my dinner, but it was...
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    i want to cook my my rock in the tank it is already in ,will this work if there is 2" ssb.will the ssb harbor po4 also ,might go bb.will tap water work to cook