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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there, I recently struck a nice deal to obtain a roughly 150 Gallon bow front tank (dimensions are 6' long x 18" wide at corners x 2' high, and bows to 2' wide in the middle). The deal came with a lot of nice supporting equipment including canopy, lighting, stand, sump, bio-balls, pump...
  2. Tank Specs
    We will be moving from the 60 gallon reef over to a 90 gallon drilled tank with a 30-35 gallon sump/refugium. I currently have all equipment off the 60 gallon and i have moved all fish to 2 totes. The Corals are in my 18 gallon rescue/qt tank. I will be moving the sand to 2 5 gallon buckets...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all, I'm basically looking at upgrading my current 65l aquastart 500 reef tank to a bigger one. Been looking at the Juwel Rio 125. The guy at the lfs said it was optional about a skimmer so I felt it would be a pretty straightforward switch over from my existing tank. However, is there...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everyone, i guess most of you guys know me by now and my little 37 G tank but now my dad is thinking (with my persuasion is going to) of converting his 180 G freshwater tank to saltwater. This would mean that my tank inhabitants will eventually move in to this tank and i can use mine as a...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone just have a question about a tank I can get a good deal on and wanted to find out if it is ok to convert a tank that has been used for freshwater fish into a saltwater reef tank , its a 120 tank and that would be a huge improvement over my current 45 gallon build , thanks
  6. Reefing Equipment
    Hello friends, A few years ago I was very much into fresh water fish keeping. As things got busy I started to shut my tanks down one at a time until I was left with an empty 33 gal. I had asked around about converting it to salt water, and every person I asked, including the guy at the store...
  7. DIY Forum
    I have heard talk of people derimming 20 gallons and less tanks with success. Has anyone done this with success? I am thinking about getting a cheep 20 gal long, and trying.
  8. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    Hi folks, I'm an experience freshwater aquarist and I'm trying to up my saltwater game a little. I've been a big fan of Green-spotted Puffers for a few years and succesfully kept a pair for quite a while in a high end brackish tank before a cross-ocean move made it necessary for me to find...
  9. Nano Reefs
    Hello! Lurked around as a guest on here for a while and found a good reason to finally post something! I've had a fresh water tank running for quite a while now and it was going very well... until today when my brother stole my fish for his giant 5foot tank... However, I'm thinking this may be...
  10. New Reef Setup

    The days of FOWLR are over.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Today marks the beginning of my 90g "FOWLR's" transition into reefdom. Technically, it never really was a FOWLR to begin with: I have a variety of softies in the tank. But if we are going to be technical, my tank's transition started last week when I put together my stand alone refugium. In...
  12. Fowlr To Reef Conversion: Phase 1

    The enemy who is about to feel my wrath
  13. Fowlr To Reef Conversion: Phase 1

    Goodbye my friends. At least you'll be sticking together
  14. General Reef Discussion
    The fever that is my aquarium obsession has taken another step forwards. I've decided to convert my FOWLR aggressive tank into a reef for sure. Right now I have a good deal of live rock, some silica sand (bad news, I know), a porcupine puffer, black volitan lionfish, and bursa trigger. They are...
1-17 of 17 Results