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  1. My Zoas

    Was taking some pics, then this came out!
  2. Mushroom Corals Wholesale - Xanh Tuoi Tropical Fish Co., Ltd

  3. Pro

  4. Overflow 2

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  5. Dose 1: Api Algaefix

    This is my "before" shoot. Hopefully we'll see improvements
  6. Bta & Cleaner Combo

    rose bta & cleaner shirmp
  7. Blastos & Monti's

    75G Reef new Ora German Blue Monti frag 7/26/08
  8. Start To My Sps 120

    Picture of my tank in July of 08
  9. The THINK Tank
    I'm doing an experiment and thought I would see what y'all thought. We know that clown fish cross breed in the wild. It is a rare event, so we have no way of knowing the extent to which this occurs. We don't know what species combinations are capable of producing offspring. There are a...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I have seen alot of threads and ppl here love pics. I haven't seen a thread of this sort so I love pics and would like to see your favorite fish (in your tank) or if you still have that first fish (in your tank). Let's post them and brag a little about them.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    if you had a 10 gallon tank and wanted to put in 2 fish either 2 hi fin red banded gobies OR 1 firefish and 1 watchmen goby .... or any other type of fish you might choose they have to be reef safe.
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys! Haven't been on here in a while but I have a perplexing question... recently I took some mushroom and xenia frags into my LFS for some credit and ended up getting a baby 6-line wrasse and a "flower crab" as I was told it was called. The guys at the LFS told me that it arrived in a...
  13. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    hey NW Indiana... here is my story.. as some of you knew I got new tank - Current Solana 34G and about 3-4 weeks ago transfered my 2 yrs old Aquapod to my new tank.. I had 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, Brittle Sea Star, and some cleaning crew... well I moved all that to my 34G tank.. decided to take...
  14. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I have a 8 gallon nano tank. I am looking for a couple of fish that are active and will not hide all the time. I have a yellow damels in there now and it buries everything. I am going to get rid of him. ( if anyone wants him let me know). If you know of any fish please let me know. Thanks, Amy
  15. Cardinal in Snow covered tree

    A bright red cardinal provides nice contrast to a beautifully all white snow covered tree.
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I had it bagged and ready to take home today and then I asked (by chance) if it was possible that my hermits could get it....and she said YES. SO I left it for another lucky reefer.
1-20 of 184 Results