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    280 gal 30x30x6ft new mh 400 w new acrylic $$2500
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    first off i live in southern california... long beach i have a 60 gallon cube for sale...come with stand and HOB overflow box (and sump tank with no baffles) $$100 also for sale is a 400 watt double ended metal halide with everything except a new bulb... $100 and last... a euro reef...
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    I'm selling it all! 100 gallon reef tank set up has to go to make room for a remodel. I've got live rock mostly fiji and some concrete with lots of coraline algae on most of it. $3.00/lb. Rock with green star polyps or green ricordia $4.00/lb. Substrate is free. It is a mix of sand and...
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    Hey guys... I know I've been out of the loop for a little while. I've been working a lot and had family staying with me. I've downsized from a 105g. to a 37g. and have a lot of stuff that needs to find a home. I will edit this list later and add prices (Don't have time to at the moment, plus...
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    Everything is located near Reading,PA. and is only 6 months old. The bulb and quartz sleeve in the AuaUV is less then 2 months old and has been fully cleaned. i will shipping anything excluding the tank, sump, and stand. The fixture is good for any livestock. As you can see by the picture I had...
1-5 of 5 Results