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    I have five threadfin geophagus for sale, $15 each. One is 3-4", the other four are about 5-6". Peaceful fish, beautiful colors.
  2. Freshwater Discussion
    I am starting my first tank. Its a plasma fishtank that mounts on a wall. However I know that cichlids arent to be kept in such small spaces. I was wondering if it were possible to put maybe two of the smaller cichlid breeds in this tank, along with any other fish that may be compatible? I hear...
  3. Freshwater Discussion
    Help me decide on a fish. This will be the only fish in the tank. I can't decide between getting a red tail cat (they get too big so I'm leaning towards no on this even though they're really cool), a tiger shovelnose catfish, a jaguar cichlid, or a payara (vampire tetra).
  4. Freshwater Discussion
    Hi. I have a 4ft cichlid tank. The tank is 18mths old (the fish- 5 cichlids (and one sucker fish that I haven't seen for a while?!) are only new about a month old- had larger ones in but my heater stuffed up and cooked them :() I have never had water issues and my params are all perfect. For...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I recently transitioned my 55 gallon that I previously had cichlids in into a reef setup. I have a 20 gallon reef that i wanted to upgrade and decided to shut down my cichlid tank and upgrade into that. I used the water already from the cichlid tank and used that for the 55 gallon as i mixed it...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I am at the point where I would like to convert my lake Malawi African cichlid tank into a Saltwater tank. I just recently had a major fish loss which I am not exactly sure the cause of the loss other than my ammonia rose from 0 to .50 in a few days and Nitrate from 30ppm to 160ppm in a few...
  7. Member Classifieds
    $1.25 Per Pound Texas Holey Rock for Sale I have Texas Holey Rock for sale. Pressure Washed clean!!! I am located in Montgomery, Illinois. 35-ish miles West of Chicagoland. 7 miles south of I88 You can come and pick out your own Holey Rock to fit your tanks needs. Schedule a time and come...
  8. Freshwater Discussion
    Hi guys, I have been thinking about starting a reef tank for a few years now but the funds just aren't there right now, so I am debating going with cichlids instead. The questions I have been pondering are: are cichlids going to be as difficult to care for as a saltwater tank, will the cost be...
  9. Freshwater Discussion
    I'm trying to figure out what fish are best to breed as feeders since I'm hoping to get a red tailed barracuda and other fish that difficult to get to eat frozen and I don't want to have to buy feeders from the store since they bring in diseases (or have in the past when I needed them). I've...
  10. Freshwater Discussion
    I would like to stock my 150 with an Oscar, a jack Dempsey, flame mouth. What other fish would be compatable with these cichlids?
  11. Freshwater Discussion
    I bought an oscar today and was told that if given live foods they will get HITH disease. Is this the case with all cichlids? And does this happen if they don't have anything else in their diet or can this happen even if they have live foods occasionally? The reason I am asking this is I have a...
  12. Freshwater Discussion
    now i have 2 african cichlids in a tank and now one has eggs in her mouth i didnt know if cichlids can breed out side of their type :blob:
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, Im now about to start a Malawi Cichlid tank but having problems finding a supplier of Texas Holey rocks in the UK. Could any other members help please?? Thanks
  14. Freshwater Discussion
    if anyone in ct is interested i have freshwater fish for sale message me and ill elt you know
1-14 of 14 Results