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  1. Par38

  2. 75 Gallon Reef Tank

    this is my 6 month old saltwater reef tank
  3. Pearlfish

    This was swimming around after the purchase of a cucumber worm. Wasn't sure what it was so I put back into the tank, where it proceeded, right infront of my eyes, to slip backwards into the tail end of the cuke.. yeah I
  4. General Reef Discussion
    With such remarkable diversity within the suborder Blennioidei, I'm curious as to what blennies people are keeping or have had experience with in the past. Please post your favorites, least favorites and everything in between. If you want to expand to the "non-blenny" blennies, feel free (e.g...
  5. algae_w_flash_5_11_07

    shot of the whole rock infested with this brown fuzzy algae
  6. Atlanta Reef Club
    Just wanted to formally introduce myself. I am 29, lived in North, GA all my life and got started on this about 1 month ago. My son is 2 and daugter is 3. He absolutely froze up the first time he looked into a fish tank. Well that means Dad got an oppurtunity to take on a big project for...
  7. Atlanta Reef Club
    I'm looking to buy a yasha hase shrimp goby. has anyone seen one of these around?
  8. Atlanta Reef Club
    We talked about flow and Tim gave a great demo of the different types of devices to create flow a few months ago. This time around, we're going to cover lighting. The meeting will be at 7:30pm on July 11th, tentatively held at Cappuccino Bay Aquarium in Marietta: 2145 Roswell Rd. Suite 320...
  9. Atlanta Reef Club
    To all of the Sponsors; Speakers; Volunteers; Attendees and Georgia Aquarium People that made it happen. It was an outstanding success - and I am so very happy to have been a part of SaltwaterU TWO! THANK YOU EVERYBODY! Margi Shindell
  10. Atlanta Reef Club
    Me and the wife are visiting atl and staying in a b&b this weekend for a small weekend get away.:banana: While here, I'm hoping to visit 1-2 LFS's to check out what they have compared to LFS's in the Middle Tennessee area where I'm from. Can anyone suggest 1-2 that are a "must visit"? I'm not...
  11. Atlanta Reef Club
    Can anyone recommend a good store to buy corals in the Atlanta area? I'll be in Atlanta next week.
  12. Atlanta Reef Club
    Please note the blue stores have NOT been verified... - WALK-IN STORES - A Maharaja's Pet 4720-1 Jonesboro Rd. Union City, GA 30291 Phone : (770) 969-9010 Aquarium World 7092 Hodgson Momoral Dr. Savanna GA 31303 Aquatic Pets (ARC Sponsor) 129 Willow Lane McDonough, GA 30253 Phone ...
  13. Atlanta Reef Club
    Just a heads up . Marine Fish is having a 50% off all corals sale for today and possibly tomorrow. Apparently they're trying to make room for a new shipment coming in this week.
  14. Atlanta Reef Club
    What would you like to see from our LFS? Im wondering if people would like to see more frags, more color, rarer specimens, dry goods or fish. Just wondering what the local response would be on here. Thankyou.
  15. Classified Archives
    Oceanic 30 cube black w/ coralife aqualight hood FS in Atlanta. Includes tank, stand, and 96-watt compact flourescent Coralife hood with legs. Tank is in immaculate condition. Light was only utilized for 4 months. Great tank for a species reef, like a clown/anemone combo. The cube shape makes...
  16. Atlanta Reef Club
    We finally settled on what I believe is a mutually beneficial deal. Keep in mind that for the group purchase to work, we had to establish clearly defined criteria, thus limiting the scope. While several of you had specific requests and suggestions, we had to settle on one idea. With that in...
  17. Atlanta Reef Club
    Often, we get caught up in the mentality that the "grass is greener on the other side," so we order stuff on-line. I know it happens to me. However, we have an awesome store (CBA) that carries some of the best aquacultured acros I've seen. I spoke with Bobby and asked him to cut us a deal if...
  18. Atlanta Reef Club
    I need some smaller pieces of Live rock form my new refugium. I'd like to get some rock with a little life and pods and such. THe LFS around me just have plain rock, looks like baserock, no life nothing. WHich of the following would you suggest? Aquarium Showcase Cappuccino Bay Aquarium...
  19. Atlanta Reef Club
    Was wondering if anyone has purchased ALL their equipment and what not from the fish stores around Atlanta. Couple of tanks have been PM'd to me but due to my hectic schedule, I can't visit to look at them. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm definately all ears!!
  20. Atlanta Reef Club
    Hi Atlanta Reefers It is difficult to find good fish Yahoo search is not too accurate. Here is a list of retail places that have our aquatic friends. (I am not sure if all of these are marine) Marine Fish Inc. 1255 Johnson Ferry #10 Marietta, GA 30068 Phone: (770) 321-8404...
1-20 of 48 Results