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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hey my candycanes are abouta month old and seem to be healthy in the way that they do puff up (not nearly as much as i see other peoples), they also let out their feeder tenticles at night and 2 heads have formed second mouths (thinking they should split soon). However they have changed color...
  2. LPS Coral Forum
    Hi All, Just noticed that a couple of heads on my Candycane have formed two mouths and are now more kidney-shaped than they were... does this mean that these heads are splitting? I'll be very happy (and proud) if they are since this is the first coral to have actually "grown" for me :)...
  3. General classifieds
    I have a 30+ head Candycane coral for sale that is green in the center and has a purplish-brown ring on the outside. 2 head on the top were stung by my Frogspawn but are healing nicely. Asking price is $100 obo. Just looking to make some room.
1-3 of 3 Results