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  1. DIY Forum
    I have a YouTube video on me building a 300 gallon plywood reef aquarium. Feel free to share and ask questions. Link:
  2. General Reef Discussion
    My aquarium is up and running. I just recently put some dry rock in it (marcoRocks). I am very pleased with the rock shapes and appearance, but I am a bit confused on how I should be stacking them. I want to create some interesting arches and column formations that the fish can pass through...
  3. Nano Reefs
    I have started a 3gal that was given to me still in the box. I would like to have a few lps, hermits, snails, shrimp, and maybe a fish. Is this something I could do with this small a sys. Any advice on changing the set up, or suggestions on what I could do with it? Thanks. It's a Tom's 3gal...
  4. Reef Fish
    So I went and got a Diamond Watchman Goby on Saturday and he went right to work after acclimation. Spent most of Saturday and half of Sunday working on this. The first is before his introduction and after is the result of his "nesting" the third a closeup.
  5. General Reef Discussion
    OK ... things are going really well and I am starting to add small frags to my tank. My question is how do I know that I am using my rock optimally? 26 gal bowfront, live rock, live sand, 2 firefish, 1 turbo, 5 hermits, 1 cleaner, and one peppermint. Frags: blastomussa, green (some call it...
  6. DIY Forum
    Ok, I am totally lost as I see things on different sites about making a refugium. I have a 30gal tank with 30lbs live rock, 1 sabe anemone, 1 coral (forgot what it is), mated pair of misbar clowns (the female is only maybe 2" and the male is 1" and lived in a 175 for over a year before I got...
1-6 of 6 Results