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  1. "Soft" corals
    My little bubble coral is forever moving around my tank... I actually cannot find him this time whatsoever! Silly thing... hope he's ok??
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys, I have been doing my research before I decided to purchase a beautiful green bubble colony from ThatFishPlace.. my LFS... I just wanted to see if you guys could give me any PERSONAL tips or pointers for this guy... as he looks amazing and I want to ensure his survival through...
  3. The THINK Tank
    :wavey: Hi! First timer on this forum. I have a 20 y.o. aquarium with two corals one a bubble coral and one a hammer head coral that are 20 years old or so and take up a third of my tank each and fill it front to back. It is time to divide or get rid of the whole corals.The Hammer head is not...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys at the lfs there was a bubble coral that did not look good. The guy said if I wanted it I could have it so obviously I took it hoping I can save it. There seems to be green hair algae on the skeleton of it. Any ideas of how to get it off without damaging the coral
  5. "Soft" corals
    Can bubble corals split it's not fully inflated and it looks different from normal probably because it's not fully inflated
  6. LPS Coral Forum
    Was feeding my corals yesterday and noticed what looked like two smaller mouths on my bubble coral. My question is, when this type of coral is growing should I see skeletal growth before new heads or visa versa.
  7. Start Of 29 Reef

    Taken 8/7/2013
  8. 30g Jbj After 5 Months.

    Cleaner shrimp in a 30g JBJ under T5 light
  9. Overflows

  10. General Reef Discussion
    I'm new to the salt water world and i have two questions. my purple tip anemone keeps detaching itself and sits with its base in the facing up and some of its tentacles shrinking. also, sometimes it looks like its body portion swells up with the base sucked in. no gaping mouth though. whats...
  11. LPS Coral Forum
    Hi All, I'm pretty new to the forum (I've spent a lot of time reading and you guys have helped me out before!). I bought a pearl bubble coral about 3 weeks ago, and seems to be quite happy, but I noticed today that a single polyp is hanging down. I'm not sure If I should be concerned...
1-20 of 500 Results