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brown slime

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    hi guys, this weird brown slime string is coming out of my hammer coral in my 2.5 gallon pico reef. ammonia;0ppm nitrite;0ppm nitrate;0ppm no fish, just a pico reef:confused::help:
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    On 3/24 I added a 24" Aquatic Light quad light (all stock bulbs) on my 20g nano. I first had the white on for 8 hours, but after about 1.5-2 weeks I took it down to 6 hrs, with 8 hrs blue light. I've noticed a lot of growth coming from my live rocks over the course of the month. Although this...
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    Hi everyone, first post for me. I am reletivly new to the hobby but know quite a a bit about it. First i will list my set up: 125g set up 4 months ago temp:80f grav:1.23 cal:400 ph:8.2 amm:0 NIt:0 dkh:9 50lbs live, 50lbs marco rock 100lbs argonite and live sand mix JBJ canister filter...