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  1. nano build off 2008
    Well my plans got changed and we used the 50 gallon for our breaded dragon. Then my wife said "why don't we just get a nano tank" :blob: :thumbup:. So I figured we might as well enter the contest too, just for fun................ wonder if whiskey will still be willing to help me out. Since I'm...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Okay, as many of you know I currently have a 125G SPS tank,.. the only reason this tank ever ended up with water in it was a comedy skit worth of errors,.. the fact that it got lights and coral never should have happened, then I went SPS with it, which also never should have happed,.. For the...
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have a small frag / colony of Zoanthids that I would like to trade. The colony is on a flat piece of LR that is approx 3 x 3 and has about 30 polyps. When I received them they were a nice royal blue. Since being put in my tank I have not been able to get the color back. Right now I have them...
  4. Atlanta Reef Club
    I am off to the meeting, see You all soon. I will bring about ten kenya tree frags to the meeting if anyone is interested. I will be wearing a green ball cap tonight. 1. RSG4 2. Kj yoda 3. matlet 4. Jimbeau 5. delaneymohr 6. tobbob 7.GeorgeW 8. Jayminor 9. Yellow Jacket 10.
  5. Atlanta Reef Club
    Ok, its time for the LR to be sold. We have over 130 lbs of beautiful rock. Some 10+lb pieces, some have zoo colonies, some have mushrooms, all have purple corraline and no hair algae. Come over and hand-select your pieces. Selling for $3/lb plus price of corals (if any attached). Many rocks...
  6. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    just got it the other day really like the colors!!!Tuff one to get a good pic..
1-6 of 6 Results