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brain coral health
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  1. LPS Coral Forum
    I got this coral from my LFS last night and was told it is a brain coral but I'm not so sure it is. Also, it's very pale pink in color, is it healthy?
  2. LPS Coral Forum
    Hope this is in the correct section, totally new to this stuff but I'm learning. I have what I think is an "open" brain coral. Maybe trachyphyllia, is that correct? Anyway, when I bought this tank setup it was very contracted and really no larger than your lips. Got it home and within a few...
  3. LPS Coral Forum
    Please help, bought this open brain about a week ago. Three days later there was a small section missing now it is covered in white slime and i am pretty sure it isn't going to make it but wanted to put it on here and get some feedback on what I should do. I haven't been able to get it to eat...
  4. LPS Coral Forum
    Three questions. 1) Do I lay this brain flat or tilt it forward? Laying it flat it looks like a raft but the middle swelled up which I hadn't seen it do so I pulled it forward like it is now. 2) Does it look healthy overall? Is the brown normal? 3) In the second picture does it look like...
  5. LPS Coral Forum My brain coral seems to be "receding" back around the rock it is growing on. The two "brown spots" are the rock beneath it...they weren't there a week ago and they are growing. Thoughts...
1-5 of 5 Results