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  1. 75g Rr 9/29/08

    look close see blue polyps
  2. Margaritaville
    Umm..well, for some of you, it hasn't been so long ago. But here I am in the 50s cath inspecting a toy rifle. My hair was straight when I was really young. Left to right - Mom, Greg (age 6.5) , cath (age 5), Dad, Tom(7.5), and Bobbi (age 3.5) I think those are the ages. Now it's your...
  3. Margaritaville
    well at least I'm working the mornign part of the weekend
  4. NFMAS chat
    Marineduud told me that one of our members is a local vetninarian. Could you possible PM me, or reply on here (if ya don't mine everyone knowing what you do...) Thanks!
  5. NFMAS chat
    Just wondering if anyone in the club breeds dogs and what breed.
  6. Margaritaville
    Since I seem to be the only one around at the moment, I guess I'll start the thread for today. At least it's already Monday here! LOL Good Morning Stooges and Guest Stooges (anyone else that drops in to check on us). I hope everyone has a good day and a good work week as well.
  7. NFMAS chat
    Does anyone know anybody local that makes something like small scale furniture? We've been kicking around the idea of re-decorating our living room..cuz the dogs have ruined one of the couches.... but wanted to get the something like a big ottoman ( only closer to the floor ) to lay on in front...
  8. NFMAS chat
    Just wondering what other animals everyone has out there. I have obviously fish. also a cat, puppy (chihuahua) two ferrets and a squirrel.
  9. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I stopped by Fish Manic yesterday, picked up 2 tiny T/R clowns & a green clown goby for my 16 gal cube. When I released the clowns into the tank they swam to the bottom to meet their demise. My blue spot jawfish darted out of his hole at super sonic speed, mouth wide open & swallowed the...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, I have been trying to keep my calcium at 420-440ppm range, however it drops about 20 ppm a day. I only have softies, and about 20% coralline coverage of surface areas, and a dozen or so of small snails. Doesn't seem to me to be enough of a calcium useage to account for a 20ppm day...
  11. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I love my Yorkie....!
  12. Margaritaville
    I have to go pick him up from the Philedelphia Airport Saturday, July 1st at 3pm...I'm so excited. My wife wanted me to get involved and try my hand at showing dogs, so I got to pick the breed within certain limitations. Some pics from the breeder...Meet Argus (A.J. for short) He's been...
  13. The THINK Tank
    i have a 50g sump/fuge. sump is bb, with 2x55W 6.5k/10k bulbs over fuge section about 10" off water. my 210g drains into first section through a carbon bag, then generally to my schuran skimmer, then PO4 Reactor, then another reactor for gac, then the fuge section. i have a small amount of...
  14. Margaritaville
    Since I have two days until I start my fourth year in vet school (pending passing my 9 finals) I was hoping to see pics of everyone's pets out there. I know we've done this before, but it's always good to do it again. I am home sick today as well (what a way to enjoy my 3 days of summer...
1-17 of 47 Results