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blue tipped stag
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  1. General classifieds
    i suddenly don't have the time to invest in the hobby like i want to, so i need to consolidate and most likely break down my prop tank, and just keep the big display. livestock will have to sell first, and then i'll be putting up a drilled 30 breeder, a 40 breeder partitioned as a sump, a euro...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hopefully Whiskey will edit in what kind of corals these are I'll do my best August 07 Lower center of the picture, "Van's true" purple digi,.. Above it ORA green body, orange pylop Digi. Today Same as above, I dont' know what's in the back center though. Back center is "Van's...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    So my folks bought me an awesome lens for my camara, and I decided everyone would get to enjoy a few new pictures. I'll even try to find some older pictures to thumbnail to see how they've grown. How about we start with the yellow slimer? And here it was in March.
  4. NFMAS Members only
    Is this still the meeting place for Sept 15th Bio-Reef 904-242-0332 904-674-0031 3653 Regent Blvd Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32224 I haven't heard anything and we are only 10 days out. I am trying to get all my ducks in a row so I don't wind up in Daytona lol. I am...
  5. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I just thought I would let everybody know if your wanting to pick up some Acros I just left Bio-Reef and they have a blow out sale on them and others All acros $15-$30 including ORA frags I pick up a few !!! Robert
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Here are a few pics from November and then the now shots. New bulbs since november and adjusted white balance: Blue Tipped Stag (November) Blue Tipped Stag (February) Motipora Capricornis (November) Montipora Capricoris (February) I don't really have a good November pic for this...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Some new shots after my latest re-aquascaping:
  8. TCMAS
    Here are the frags that I posted in the members section for all who cannot see it. Lots of Frags for the meeting.... <HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Here is some more SPS for all you addicts. A few Nice LPS also. Again I had the AEFW at one point but...
  9. TCMAS Members only
    Here is some more SPS for all you addicts. A few Nice LPS also. Again I had the AEFW at one point but am fairlly confident that I don't have them. As some who know me I am pretty anal when it come to my tank and I have inspected everything and have not found any, it is still your responsibility...
  10. Classified Archives
    I have a few sps frag packs I'm offering FS. These will be fresh clipped and unmounted. All frags will be at least 1 in 1st frag pack any 5 for $100 plus shipping Blue humilus Bali green slimmer Yellow straita Yellow planna /blue tips Teal acro Purple millie Purple acro yellow acro Valdia...
  11. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    a few folks were interested in seeing what all was available. it came in pieces and there is some duplication, so it isn't pretty just cut and pasted, but here ya go. hopefully if we can do this again in the future some more folks will be able to get in on the activity Favites russelli Blue...
  12. TCMAS
    i just got some new corals so i need to make a little are from the mother colonies. i have... if i cant make it to the meeting jerry will bring them for me. list updated as of 4:15 pm 1/13/05 pic 1 8 torch frags all torch frags are sold 2-1 head frags $5 each 2-tommy 6-4 headed...
  13. Atlanta Reef Club
    Looking for free or cheap frags for my reef, just moved to new apartment and got the tank up and goin, needs some color. anyone have anything they could part with?
  14. Atlanta Reef Club
    I've got a couple things left for sale....... CR1 Calcium Reactor (Custom With smaller footprint), Mag2, 1/2 full with ARM media, Regulator, and 10lbs Brushed Co2 tank (approx 1/2 full I think), all plumbing included. $225. 1.5 years old. 5lb Rock with 5-6 in Diameter Red Monti Cap, Large...
  15. TCMAS
    rose mille blue mille both rose & blue
1-19 of 27 Results