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blue spotted rabbit
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    Watch for updates further down the thread. The edit button only lasts a short while! As most of you know by now we are agressivly working at moving out into the public sector :beer: :beer: :beer: We have quite a few people from TCMAS working on this project with us. Thanks to everyone for your...
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    We are going to continue to do open ended sales while we are in transition. Added Dry good prices for reference. Most items are just above cost. Take advantage of the savings while they last :) PS: We do take Credit Cards to expidite meeting deliveries :) $15 Tiger Serpent star $6...
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    This is my first fish in my 180 in a few years, it is a Siganus Corallinus (BLue Spotted Rabbitfish) unless the LFS messed up. These pictures are just after it was introduced to the tank, So far the rabbit is doing fine against the tangs, they seem to be running around him and doing a little...
1-4 of 6 Results