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  1. Jays Tank 1/30/15

    Picture of tank just after lights came on.
  2. 25 Gal Tank Sale 1

    Tank and Stand
  3. Anemone

  4. Anemone Pics

    Anemone Pics
  5. Overflow

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  6. Tank Resealing

    bottom frame off
  7. Killer Crab

  8. My Dusky Jawfish

    My dusky jaw-fish, doing what he does best.
  9. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    <--Nick We have a green hair algae problem in our seahorse tank. Last weekend, we went on all the boards looking for a solution that is safe for our horses... We found "Halloween Hermits" (AKA Ciliopagurus strigatus) to have an appitite for the algea we had, and they were small enough to not...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Ok last night all 3 of my brittle stars were just fine and ate small peice of shrimp. I did notice that one of the stars had lost part of it's leg. Today when I came home I found the same one with no legs and just his body with a couple of stubs. I thought he was dead, so when I tried to get him...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    i'm checking to see if i have enough clean up crew in my 14 gal bio. i used the calc at and came up with a list. (its at home so can't give specs now) the thing is the calculating system there...
  12. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Well, last time I used astrea, mexican turbos, nassarius vibex, illynassa obsoleta, blue leg hermits and scarlet hermits. The whole atlantic inverts in a tank packed with pacific corals. This time I am leaning towards a south pacific only tank. Kind of silly I know. The pacific is a Huge area...
  13. Nano Reefs
    Hello, its been a while, been very busy, and fighting cyano in my other tank for the last month or 2. I am finally getting some of my time back so here I go with a new build. Thanks to MarineScape I finally got a tank to replace my little 8.8g nano. I picked up a 24g Aquapod at MarineScape when...
1-15 of 389 Results