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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, everyone!!! I just made my first batch of juicy blender mush for my 40 gallon breeder. I know that fish, corals and inverts appreciate a variety of foods and fresh is probably the next best thing to live foods. Blender mush seems a good way to incorporate lots of different food, and is...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I made some but it seems so thick should I just water it down? What recipes do yall use?
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Today I attempted my first blender mush. I'm not sure how well its going to turn out but this is what I used. 5 white shrimp 5 clams 6 scallops 3 frozen plankton cubes (thawed and rinsed) 3 garlic cloves 3 brocolli pieces and a bit of spinach I mixed it together with RO/DI water...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    What are the best ingredients for blender mush? What do you use to store it? Do you target feed or just pour it in or is it just preference? I'd like to spark more growth in my corals, will better food help? Right now all I feed is Oysterfeast and phytofeast alternating days.
  5. General Reef Discussion
    let us talk about food we feed to our tanks. lets start with talking about what to feed our systems. G~
1-6 of 6 Results