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  1. Rockplat

    Rock layout with plateau separated sand beds
  2. 24x24x12 Led Plan

    12" above top w/60* optics
  3. 36 Bow

    First SW tank, added live rock and substrate
  4. The Little Reef

    150 extra high coral reef
  5. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    OK, was up in Erie, PA today and stoped into a LFS, Well I came out with a Bird Warsse (Green about 6" Long). this is not a fish i have looked into getting before, But he looked cool and i like the way he acted in the LFS tank. The LFS Guy told me he would have no problem getting along with...
  6. 20 Gal

    20 gal
  7. 72 Gallon Bow Front

    72 gallon bow front reef tank.
  8. Member Classifieds
    Established 125 gallon reef tank , 40 watt Smart Aquatics U/V sterilizer, 200 gal Pro Clear wet/dry, Sealife Systems Impact skimmer, Three 125 watt 12K metal halide lights w/ electronic ballasts. All less than 6 months old. Custom built Sapele wood stand and canopy. Complete with fish (1 Asfur...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Ok Amigos! It's my birthday and I'm getting gift certificates to the lfs! :dance: I have a 240 fowlr with a 40 gallon sump stocked with a niger trigger, green bird wrasse, naso tang, hippo tang, one spot foxface rabbit and a royal gramma basslet and a few zoas. I would like to add one...
  10. Atlanta Reef Club
    I listed this on craigslist and though it might be better to share here as well since you guys have helped in the past :) This setup is only a year old, I'm wanting to sell for a move. Full system measurements at largest points are 76.5"H x 76"L x 22"D, the tank itself is 30"H x 72"L x 18"D...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Are they bad or good easy, hard. People like or dislike them? Saw one at the fish store and wanted to no if they were a good idea for my tank. 120 gal...
  12. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone, I look at the site a lot but dont really post much. I have a 75 gallon reef tank and would like to have a bigger tank in the future. I have had the tank for about 7 years now. Yellow tang, 2 clowns, a 6 line and coral beauty, and a green bird wrasse. I was...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Im thinking of messing up this perfect state of zen I have going on in my 225..........and adding this fat hog of a 8-9" Naso. Current co-kings of the tank are a 5" PBT and a 7" chevron. I want to hear input from people who have or have had multiple tangs.......with a Naso as one of them...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Well I moved 120gal Tank. Please don't mind the mess. Imm fixin it this weekend. The important thing is that nutin died.
  15. General Reef Discussion
    just bought 2 peppermint shrimp to help clean the tank. i was worried about them getting along with the coral banded shrimp whom is much bigger. i didn't think about the birdnose wrasse :doh:who caught them both and ate them whole :bigeek:before the coral banded new they hit the water. :idea...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Ok...few questions before I get started. 1. What do you do about clean-up crews? Most of the fish that you would have in a FO tank eat the snails and stuff, right? 2. How much flow? I was planning on 2 Hydor 4's and my sump return (1 on each end of the tank (powered by a Mag 9.5) 3. How...
1-20 of 131 Results