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biological filtration
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  1. General Reef Discussion
    What’s the best biological filter media for nitrate removal? I’ve seen a lot on the ceramic porous material, but I do t always trust what the products say. I have a nano reef, so I’m looking to add this media in the power filter.
  2. Marine Depot
    How to Set Up a Refugium Inside Your Sump Hassle-free tips to set up a refugium inside your sump! All About That Sump - No Clutter Trigger Systems Sumps: Powerhouse Filter Boxes for Your Reef Tank
  3. Marine Depot
    Give your tank a biological BOOST Add a refugium to improve biological filtration + grow pods for feeding! All About That Sump - No Clutter Add a Sump to Your Reef Tank Using an Overflow Box Q&A Series #4: What are the Benefits of a Refugium?
  4. Marine Depot
    How to Grow Beneficial Bacteria for a Thriving Ecosystem Create the right conditions so Mother Nature can help clean your tank! The Best Ways to Cycle Your Reef Aquarium
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Alright. Let me begin with giving you guys some details. I purchased a used JBJ 28G NanoCube with the live sand and live rock still in it, wet. I put the sand and rocks into a cooler and wiped/scrubbed the tank. Put everything back in and refilled the tank within 10 hours. I thought I might have...
  6. Skimmers & other filtration
    So currently I have a mechanical filter that hangs on the side of my tank (like most have for freshwater). As recommended, it is powerful enough to clean a tank twice my size (I have a 29g). It currently used a filter sponge, bag of carbon, and a bag of bio rocks to filter my water. Someone...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    hi i have made a pic of a sump i plan on setting up. i wanted to post it up and have people let me know what they think. the link for the sump idea is under this..
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hey, I'm a total noob to the whole saltwater scene, working on setting up my first tank. It's a nonstandard 150 gallon display, and I'm using a 40 gal breeder for the sump, and adding acrylic dividers to do all the good sump stuff. So the current plan for the sump is to do the relatively...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I was having a conversation with someone who told me that he has no mechanical filtration on his all. He has plenty of live rock and a very DSB. His sump is mainly to hide all the heaters and probes. No protein skimmer. No sock. No reactors. No nothing. Just some calupera and...
  10. Tank Specs
    2 gallon. Cylindrical. Specific gravity-1.0235. 20 1/2" water depth (31" tall total). 5 3/8" diameter. 2" crushed coral live sand. Live rock. Airstone with no mechanical filtration. Contains macro-algae,1 cleaner shrimp, 4 asterina, 2 unknown tiny anemones, 1 percula clownfish.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    for those who are interested in joining a very interesting discussion about reef systems hop on over here. i would really encourage you all to at least grab a bowl of popcorn and read. Ohh, EC, this is going to get good. :D i am totally on old form. as ornery and pig headed as ever. G~
  12. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    OK, some more ID help please. I found these unknown worms and thought they were Bristle Worms. But the consensus from the other thread is they are not not, but probably bad none the less. Possibly Euchnids Sp.?? So any help and removal idea's would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you Joe
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Okay, I received an email message today from Pet Solutions about specials on Aquarium Cleaning Products. Well, it had a link to this product and I just had to take a look at it. Obviously curiosity got the better of me. :) I am wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these in person or even...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I started out trying to break into the Reefing world back in 03. I planned and planned, and even purchased a 75G tank, had it drilled, built a stand and canopy before my Industry and job at the time took a nosedive. I managed to keep a 5 Gallon Nano Tank for awhile, but eventualy it had to go as...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm on my 2nd go round after my tank of 2.5 years had a crazy phosphate problem (due to my less-than-diligent maintenance of the DSB). I wanted your advice on filtration for the new system. It's going to be another FOWLR w/ a 2-3" DSB (I guess that would be a SBD then?). Here's...
  16. Topic of the Week Archive
    For purposes of this discussion the following terms are used to describe certain things: Live Rock: This seems to be self-explanatory but it will include any DIY rocks, any type of actual rock that is used in a tank for a surface for the bacteria to live on. Wet/Dry media: This includes, but...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    I currently have a 125 gal tank with 3 emperor 400's running in my fish only tank. no reef tanks in hawaii. I have decided I want to move to better filtration and I was wondering what size wet/dry I should get. specifically dimensions or gallon size of the bi-ball container. I know the sump can...
  18. Instruction manuals
    Instant Ocean Saltwater ReefMaster Test Kit pH Test Range: 7.8 to 8.6 Use: Monitor pH and identify the need for water changes or the addition of buffer to maintain proper pH. In addition to nitrate, aquarium nitrification (conditioning) also produces acid. The acid depletes buffers and results...
  19. Instruction manuals
    Red Sea Test Lab Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate Test Kits Introduction to the Nitrification Process As fish digest their food they produce ammonia as a waste product. In solution the total dissolved ammonia changes between two forms, the toxic ammonia (NH3) and the relatively harmless ammonium...
1-20 of 469 Results