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banggai cardinalfish
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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I'm going to be getting started on my 30 gallon tank real soon, and was wondering what other fish would be safe to put with some Banggai Cardinalfish? I love the look of the CardinalFish, and was kind of hoping to stock my tank around them, but don't want any compatablity issues. Thanks guys.
  2. Reef Fish
    Hello all! I have had 2 Banggai Cardinalfish in my tank for about a month and a half now. When I bought them they were the same size, but now there is a huge size difference. They both eat regularly: I feed flakes every morning and PE Mysis Shrimp every other day. Is there a reason that one is...
  3. Reef Fish
    Hey guys, I've had a banggai cardinal for a little over a week now and it's just not eating. I started with mysis, then added some garlic to it, still not luck and finally some brine. He seems to go after the food if it's moving quickly but then just spits it out. I think he may have...
  4. Banggai Cardinalfish

    Beauty shot:)
  5. Livestock Breeding and Propagation
    sorry about bad photo took it with my cell phone. mr.reef24
  6. Reef Fish
    I just brought home and acclimated a Banggai cardinalfish. I have a 29g biocube with a Koralia 1 powerhead in there. Is this too strong of a current for a Banggai? He doesn't look like he's floating, but more like flapping his fins frantically. The LR has holes to hide in, but he just stays in...
1-6 of 6 Results