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    Hello All, My light fixture includes (3) 250W 14K Hamilton bulbs driven by Hamilton electronic ballasts. I'm looking for a more blue look but not an overpowering blue look - just trying to bring out coloration in my SPS. Would 20K Radiums work ok with these ballasts? If not, please...
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    So I'm making the move to step down to 250 watt halides so I have to buy new ballasts sooo I am selling mine...they are vertex 400 watt electric ballasts..only used roughly 4 months absolutely nothing wrong with them 120 each shipped or 320 shipped for all 3 Thanks!! Stewie
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    For sale 2 like new(3 months use) 250w Icecap HQI ballasts. I'm looking for $95 ea. or $180 for both or make me an offer. I'll pay shipping. PM me if interested
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    I've decided to not use my dual 175w Metal Halide setup on my tank. So I am selling my Galaxy (Sunlight supply) Dual 150/175w MH electronic ballast and including 10k 175w bulbs for free. The ballast is basically brand new and shows no wear on it at all, it was used for 8hrs a day for around 3...
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    I am looking for a good protein skimmer for at least a 150g and I need some metal halide lights. I would like to get 3 x 150w or 2 x 250w. Will need shipped to cincinnati oh 45239. Thanks
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    Hey all, It has been a long time since I have been around here (a new baby does that you know) and I am about to pull the trigger and replace my MH with T5HO. I currently have (2) 150W ARO Ballasts w/ DE base/reflectors with 20000K Pheonix Bulbs ( along with 2 24W T5HO actintic...
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    I just ordered my first set of halides :banana: to switch from T5's(I just love the shadows and shimmer) and I am just curious to see what the majority is using these days to power their halides. Are you using traditional magnetic ballasts or digital? Have you noticed any significant...
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    I had this in the classifieds and thought I'd bring it up here and get a bit more feed back on the topic , still a little new to the site hope its OK to post here Originally Posted by shipwrecked Dave Im interested in the electronic ballasts,please pm me...
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    Hello All, I have (4) 3-month used Icecap 430 ballasts. They can power up to 330 watts of VHOs or t5s. I believe you can wire 2 t5's per ballast. They are all wired with power cords. These sell for $140 new on I would like to get $100 each obo. Also I have 2 NIB Mag Drive...
1-9 of 10 Results