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  1. Marine Depot
    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months! Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Which of these two should I get? I want dual sensor and this is as much as I can spend. If you could talk me into the Duetto, that'd be great. Ice Cap ATO XP Aqua Duetto...
  3. Marine Depot
    Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode 9 What should we use for nutrient control: biopellets, GFO, or chaetomorpha?
  4. Marine Depot
    Win a Tunze Nano Reef Prize Pack (a $375 value!) To help keep your tank healthy and looking its best, we've teamed with one of the best in the biz to give away an amazing Tunze Nano Reef Prize Pack! One lucky hobbyist will receive: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Controllable...
  5. Marine Depot
    Save $20 today on what is widely considered to be the best auto top-off system money can buy! Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 Regularly $199.99 Today Only $179.99 YOU SAVE $20 Auto Top-Off Systems: Which ATO is right for you?
  6. Marine Depot
    WYNTK, Vol 4: Nano ATO & Temp Controller + Coral Flashlight More fast facts about our customers' favorite products!
  7. Marine Depot
    Ethereal and Radion G4 in stock + ATO and Doser Deals Upgrade your lighting plus automate tank top-off and dosing!
  8. Marine Depot
    New Video Series: What YOU Need to Know Fast facts about our customer's favorite products!
  9. Marine Depot
    VIDEO: Which ATO is right for you? In today's video, we explain how the hobby's most popular ATO systems work, from the most basic to the most advanced, to help you determine which system will best fit your tank and budget. Already run a ATO? Please reply with the make/model and how you like...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Had an idea just not sure how to make it happen. I'm currently running an auto top off 26 gal drum that feeds into my sump. I was wondering if I were to do heavy wet skim and had an auto top off to match and would also double as a continuous water change. Is this a foolish idea ? My concern...
  11. Marine Depot
    Have you read our latest article, Aquarium Top-Off Systems: What is the Difference? It's a nice little buyer's guide if you're considering an auto top-off system for your tank. Here are a few related items on sale this week to tickle your fancy: JBJ ATO w/ FREE Acella Powerhead - $79.99...
  12. Marine Depot
    Case of the Mondays? No worries, nothing a little retail therapy can't solve! Today Marine Depot has 137 items on sale plus an additional 4 coupon code offers. Here are a few of our favorites: JBJ ATO System w/ FREE Acella Powerhead - $79.99 Hydor Smart Level Control ATO System - $71.99...
  13. Marine Depot
    ATO Buyer's Guide Robert rounded up our most popular ATO systems to give you the lowdown on what they come with, what they don't and he provides his personal opinion on which units do the best job of keeping your reef safe and salty.
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I've been searching ATO setups and have seen prices from $30 -$300. I know I can build one with a bucket, a switch and a pump but that'd cost $30 alone! Are these "kits" worth the price? Or is DIY the way to go? The longer I'm in this the prices on reef equipment are becoming more justified in...
  15. Reefing Equipment
    Hey guys im making my own ATO resivior and was wondering if anyone els would want me to make them for those right for applications. I will make them as cheap as possible and just charge for shipping and materials just trying to help fellow reefers out. Mine is 6"x10"x18" so i can make all sorts...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys I have a question about an auto top off system. I have my rodi unit under my stand next to my sump. I wanted to put and ATO unit on my tank plumed right into the rodi unit but I also want to have that rodi unit fill up two trash cans in the basement for water change water and my...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hey I have a question about the Tunze Osmolator. I recently purchased the Osmolator Nano thinking this would work for my setup. Unfortunately I have a 50 gallon tank with no sump and when I mounted the sensor in my display it does not keep my water high enough. It allowed the water to drop below...
  18. Marine Depot
    Shopping for an inexpensive and easy to use auto top-off system? Joe says the Hydor Smart Level ATO is worthy of your consideration thanks to a practical design, great safety features and affordable price tag. See photos and learn more in Joe's review: Hydor Smart Level Control ATO System...
  19. Marine Depot
    Fed up with carrying buckets? Try an auto top-off system! Sale ends 5/5/14 MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS Can't We All Just Get Along? Fed up with carrying buckets? Try an auto top-off system! Win a Tunze Nano DOC Protein Skimmer 9002 (a $133.99 value!) Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heaters: A uniquely...
  20. Marine Depot
    After installing Tunze's Nano Osmolator on his Innovative Marine Nuvo, Matt is convinced this ATO would be perfect for anyone with a nano-sized tank! READ: Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 Product Review MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS Win a RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit! New Life Spectrum...
1-20 of 58 Results