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asterina star
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  2. General Reef Discussion
    Despite constantly picking these stars off of the glass (and rocks when I can see them), these little buggers are reproducing in my tank at a crazy rate. I see tiny bits of them everywhere, and I know those tiny bits become whole starfish. I know some say these stars are not bad, but they have...
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    I was looking at my tank when I noticed one of my scarlet hermits had something on his shell I looked closer and noticed it was a asterina starfish. I thought that was so funny :rotflmao: that I had to share the pictures with all of you.
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    Is this an asterina star? I found 2 today, one on LR (pic) and another very close to my zoos. <<tiny blue/grey thing in middle (smaller than a pencil head)
1-4 of 4 Results