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  1. "gems Of Coral"

    "GEMS of Coral"
  2. Colleen's Reef Tank <3

    My reef tank that Ive had for about 2 years now. With current fish.
  3. The Start Of My Reef Tank

    Hope you Like it it is just getting going
  4. Snow

    Family and Snow
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there everyone! It has been awhile since I have been here, good to see some of the familiar faces are still here :) I was searching on the internet and the local classifieds and found this: "I have 3 Aqualight Professional Series HQI Pendant 150 Watts. I have changed the bulbs 3 months...
  6. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    I've decided to build a frag tank, at least 48 long by 24 front to back. Willing to go up to 96 by 24. I'm shopping for a tank and lights at the moment so if you have either or both and would be willing to sell or trade please let me know.
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Anyone want to disclose what their monthly budget is for their tanks? I'm interested in ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and fun once the system is established and stocked. I have a 125 and a 55 that I have been monitoring my spending on since March. Sometimes it is depressing what I spend, other...
  8. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I am going to set up my 125 soon , and was wondering how much light do I need to grow coarls. I think im going to try growing "SPS"
  9. Tank Specs
    So I got a price qoute on a 70 gallon tech tank with stand for $865 from my lfs. Before I take the plunge has anybody had any bad experiences with them? I've researched quite a bit and most people seem to really like them and I haven't found any complaints. This price also seems to be fairly...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    i decided to swap bulbs today (both bulbs have been burned in) i was running a reeflux 12000K and for some reason, i think it is too white. some people report it as being a bit too blue, but that may be due to the balast, because i can't detect a hint of blue in it. i have a 150W HQI Current...
  11. Lighting
    *** I am by no means a bulb expert, nor do I have any affiliation with any manufactures. These are just my opinions (as a simi-novice) and thought they might be helpfull for somone trying to decide on a new bulb. I wish there had been more personal reviews while I was looking... SO a few...
  12. Lighting
    It is almost time for me to replace the bulbs in my Coralife Aqualight Pro fixture. In the past I have always used Coralife bulbs as that is what the fixture originally came with. I am now wondering if it would cause any harm to my reef inhabitants if I went with a different bulb manufacturer...
  13. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I am getting out of the aquarium hobby for a while. I have some other hobbies I need to focus on so I need to address those. I am initially going to sell the stuff I am not currently using on my running system. l will eventually start selling off my running system once some of this other...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, Numisticman here! I currently have a 90 gallon non drilled reef/fish set up. I am currently using a 48" Aqualight pro light fixture (2) 10K 150 watt halide with (2) true blue 03 actinics 96 watts each. with a sump filter, not a refuguim.\\\/// I am transfering everything into a 90...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everybody, Does anyone know if the those Oceanic sumps are made of glass? I was looking at this package deal that an lfs was offering. One of the items was an Oceanic sump. The deal included reef ready tank (75 gal) , stand, lights, UV light sterilizer, Phosban reactor, ASM skimmer G-1...
  16. Lighting
    I am looking for a little more information about lighting for my tank. Currently I have a Hagen Glo T5 HO 2x24w (one 10k bulb, one actinic). I am looking for something I can support LPS, SPS and anemones. I have a BTA anemone in there right now, 50 lbs of live rock, and a small carpet...
  17. Topic of the Week Archive
    How do you determine what lighting you need for a tank? And, what are some of the questions you need to ask before being able to decide?
  18. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Ok... so there seems to be a lot of Q's and as much differing A's as much as O's... so I thought... Let the debate begin... give your preferences, your opinions on how much is too much/little...etc etc.. So let the debate begin.... Remember everyone (i am including myself as much as anyone)...
  19. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    well after putting MH on the 29 and seeing how much I like it.. i'm thinking i am going to convert the 75 over th MH from T5... I'm thinking 2X250 MH with XM 20K bulbs with no actinics. Sooo. if anyone is interested in a 4X54 T5 Retro I may be willing to swap for a 2X250 MH fixture...I am...
  20. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    I bought a spiny box puffer and within a day or so I noticed ick on him and it spread to all my other fish. Ive now lost the puffer a kole tang a royal gamma and a clown. I am wanting to sell everthing i the next 2 days before i change my mind again. I just dont have the time for a tank anymore...
1-20 of 193 Results