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  1. Lighting
    hi all:) im going to upgrade the lighting on my 50g reef tank in the next few days and was looking for a bit of advice. i currently have 3 white 39w T5 bulbs, max water depth is 20 inches, and was thinking of adding 2 aquabeam 600 LED strips, but as they come in 4 different colours and combo...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, Finally got more blue acitinic Leds from TMC. apparently these are new? anyway just a couple pics from the build update - the rest are in my build thread. What is the stance on leds? these are not my main lights, they are just on for an hour before and after the main lights go...
  3. Lighting
    Just purchased an 370l 4" by 2" by 2" tank and am wondering what lights are best suited since going to run with no hood I'm thinking of trying new aquabeam Led s the 1000 reefwhite ones. At around 200 pounds each seems steep but with a 5 year qaranty seems fair think 2 ofthese should...
1-4 of 4 Results