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alge problems
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    I can't post picture but it's black algae stuff growing on live sand and just spreads everywhere. I scoop it out but it comes back almost immediately. I've cut down the time my lights are on I don't know what else to do!
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    Hello, i just bought a used reef tank the about 3 months ago now. i have been having some major problems with getting a stable enviroment. my set-up is as follows. Exact paramiters PH=8.4 Nitrates=3.0 Phosphates+3.00 from hagen test 2.5 from Milwaukee digital test Calcium=500 mg/ per litre...
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    I have a 150gl tank with alittle over 200lbs of liverock in it.. Most of my rocks are a greenish color.. I have an ro unit & I'm buying a new 5 stage rodi unit... But my question is will mostly all of the green die out? And what's a good rodi system at a good price? Cause I would like to get...
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    hi i have a kent marine led all in one set up and its been running for 11 weeks now and all tests have been done and all good im having a problem with brown alge on my live sand and red slime alge on rocks any help will be brill thanks
1-4 of 4 Results