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  1. Old-n-new-plan

    positioning of corals
  2. Thelma & Barney

    My evil SI onyx pair...
  3. Cleveland Brown

    Our whiteface tang
  4. Overflow

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  5. Freshwater Discussion
    Hi all, first I'm new to the fish game so please help me out here. I decided to go for an african cichlids tank setup. The tank is fully set up ready to go without any fish atm because of my nitrate level being way to high. I have been cycling for over 3 weeks now plus i have been doing...
  6. Banggai Cardinalfish

    Beauty shot:)
  7. Tank Stuff

    briareum... less green than GSP... also called PSP (pink star polyp)
  8. Nano Reefs
    so i'm doing a 2.5 gallon nano reef (kinda) its actually larger because it has a 4 gallon refugium. -not much in the refugium yet... -tank set up is ugly right now too... the tank ran for a week, then I built the refugium tonight, and added more live rock, and got a snail and a mushroom coral...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    First off, hi everyone! I've been lurking for a while now and have already gained so much knowledge off of all of you. I think after years of sitting on the idea, I'm ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of a SW tank. Fear has held me back more than anything, but I figure if I...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Ok last night all 3 of my brittle stars were just fine and ate small peice of shrimp. I did notice that one of the stars had lost part of it's leg. Today when I came home I found the same one with no legs and just his body with a couple of stubs. I thought he was dead, so when I tried to get him...
  11. Freshwater Discussion
    Bascially my mate is starting a fresh water tank and I remember all the algae hassles I had with my freshwater tanks when I used to have them, now I have a RO/DI system for my reef tank and was wondering whether it would be suitable to use RO/DI water for his fresh water tank or do the fish need...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    OK as some of you know we have been talking about an up grade from our 55 gallon. we are going to make sure everything is in place before we start the big move. we have been talking to many of you all abbout the tanks and we were leaning for the bigger the better, but last night I took my wife...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Ok my brother has a 55 gal. 4 feet across tank. Yes its a FW tank, but trying to help him out with a real quick answer. He has two of the 24 inch flourescent fixtures one of them went bad shorted out. What could he get as a full 48 inch fixture sort of like what us reefers have? He was looking...
  14. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    I used ChemiClean this weekend to rid my tank of Red Slime. It worked great and I'm doing a 25g WC tonnight and will fire up the skimmer also. I was really impressed with this product. Red slime gone overnight!!! No ill affects and the tank is crystal clear!!! I started looking at some other...
  15. Freshwater Discussion
    I have some dried out tufa and lava rocks that used to be in my saltwater tank. Id like to use them in my freshwater but im afraid of all that salt. How can i make these rocks safe for freshwater?
  16. Nano Reefs
    ok well i have been with FW tanks for a while now about 6 years. I am starting to get bored of it and have been very sucessful. So i am thinking of settig up a SMALL SW tank...around 2-3g just to start. I know that they are harder to maintain and everything but i am very passionate when it comes...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Well, I'm back from a very long time away from you guys. I moved about over a year ago to a bigger and better house that accomodates all the family, not just the kids. Still in NYS and no plans to defect. I wanted to update you on the move with regards the the reef tank I HAD. I gave the fish to...
1-20 of 154 Results