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  1. My Current Tank 6/24/15-click 2 C

    Tank and room to expand!
  2. Emerald Crab, 6 Line Wrasse, And Xenia

    Emerald Crab, 6 line wrasse, and Xenia
  3. Worm

    Need to know what this is
  4. Gems Of Coral

    GEMS of Coral
  5. Fish For Sale

    These guys are for sale, local pick up only, PM me!
  6. 37 Gallon Mini Reef

    This is what I have so far....
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Just thought I would share since I cleaned it up and took a pic. :D I did remove some coralline from the over flow on the shot. I will also get a new shot once I clear out some stuff and clean it up better tomorrow. I set up a new frag tank so I could unjam the jammed tank! LOL! :D
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, I'm just starting to set up my fist ever salt tank, rounding up equipment, should have a single overflow 100g glass tank sometime this week, it comes with a canister and a sump system. Bought a Prism skimmer last night, I know, I know, it was on sale for $30, couldn't pass it up :D. I'm...
  9. Tank Specs
    Tanks associated with the system ·190 gallon display, 72wX24hX25d, single center overflow with 2 1" drains. ·125 gallon sump (running volume of 70 gallons) ·37 gallon display refugium in wetroom ·70 gallon DIY RO/DI top off reservoir ·2 44 gallon Brute can on wheels for additional...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm helping fix this 8' beast of a tank for a local hospital's radiation clinic. The tank is only a year old, but they have been feeding frozen food 2x/day, and now they have all kinds off algae issues. Im not sure if its cyano or diatoms, but its is brown and string with bubbles...
  11. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    We are looking at new bulbs for our aquarium. We have 4-36 watt compact flourescent (2 actinic, 2 daylight, all came with the fixture) and 2-48" VHO actinics in a 72 gallon bowfront tank. The VHOs are only 3 months old so shouldn't need replacement yet, but the others are hitting a bit over 8...
  12. Clams
    okay... general question for all of you crocea owners. what kind of lights do you have, and how close to the light do you have the clam ? i'm wondering if i could attempt one or if i should not bother. FWIW, i have 8x54W T5 TEK fixture, ~6" above the water surface. i will be setting up a new...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys here are some pics of my 65g. I'm running a 250MH 20K with a pair of super actinic VHOs, an ASM G4 Plus skimmer, a custom sump and the tunze 6080. I don't think I have much room left, I'm thinking of upgrading to a 120, using the same skimmer just upgrading to a second 250w and two 4ft VHOs
  14. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Took a few new pics after the reaquascaping, full tank, Left side, Right side Brett
  15. Margaritaville
    heres the link..hope you enjoy:p..let me know what you think..thanks for taking your time and watching it;)
1-20 of 320 Results