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  1. Reef Fish
    Is t possible to do one with a Valentini puffer and a 6 line wrasse in a 29? If not what is another colorful, personable option?
  2. Tank Specs
    Tank specs. 29G with XP3 350GPH canister, fan, unknow amount of rock (I added slow because I am a poor college student) and a corallife 130 watt It is about 4 months old and the reason I don't clean the algae is because I have lots of critters who live off of it!
  3. Tank Specs
    So here is my build specs. I have been trying to do this on a budget so a lot of used and diy stuff. Its been a lot of fun, though cycling is a drag. I am planning to eventually have a full reef/fish tank... if all goes well. 29 gallon glass tank 2-3" live sand from a nice, established tank...
1-3 of 3 Results