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  1. Reefing Equipment
    I have 2 250w metal halides, 20k bulbs above my tank and all my Lps are pretty much closed until night time. I have them in the sand bed so what can I do, besides raising the lights, can do I help them?
  2. Reefing Equipment
    I got 3 250w metal halide sockets and reflectors for free and was gonna use just two so would I be able to use a 500w ballast if they make those and power two?
  3. General classifieds
    I'm looking for a used 250W DE MH bulb. I have one that broke and just need a replacement until I can buy 2 new bulbs. Let me know. Need ASAP.
  4. General classifieds
    I have 5 Hamilton Technology 250W Metal Halide Pendants Available. They are used but in very good shape. The pendants are black. I will sell all together or individually. Transformer included with each one. You will need to purchase the cable to plug them in to the transformer. Buy all five...
  5. General classifieds
    36" Coralife Aqualight Pro There are two fixtures. Each has a 250w metal halide light. 2 - 65w power compact lights. and 2 - 1w LED moon lights. Each fixture comes with a 250w metal halide ballast and all the cords and bulbs needed for operation. Both fixtures are brand new and never...
  6. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Used 6 months, newer Radium 20K, everything like new. Ballast is dimmable to 250w, or run it @ 400W. You can even overdrive it for crazy growth. Perfect for grow out tanks, good spread for larger cubes. Fixture is the Cozumel model with cables for hanging. Find it here...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    check this out: i bought this yesterday and i am hoping that it is not too good to be true
  8. General classifieds
    I have 3 of these ballasts with quick disconnect end ends on each. Would like to sell them all together to save you and me on shipping but I am willing to separate. 80+shipping each or 250shipped via Paypal or Cash for local pickup in indianapolis. If you want pictures, just ask and I will...
  9. General classifieds
    I have a 250w M.H. ARO Electronic ballast for sale. Im looking to trade for a 175W or sell. (MAKE OFFER). Comes with Ballast, 20k Coralife Bulb (with 2mths use), and batwing reflector. please contact for questions
  10. General classifieds
    I picked this up from Salty Supply this spring for around $200. Im looking to get $125 for this, or $145 with a pair of Hamilton 14k 250w SE bulbs. Shipping is free.... Price is pretty firm since this is HEAVY and will cost a bit to ship. PM is key for dibs. Paypal only.
  11. Lighting
    I am looking for the cheapest quality 48" mh 2x 250W that I can find. A guy that I know said that a seller on ebay had them (Odyssey, I think) with CF and moonlights for $370.00 w/ free S&H, but I haven't been able to locate them. Also he said that he had read on here that this certain seller...
1-11 of 11 Results