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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hello all! I haven't done a build thread in a while but I'm excited to kick this one off!!! I've wanted a work nano for a very long time, and I finally have the opportunity to do it! I have a small 2 gallon fresh water shrimp tank on my desk at work that's been there for about 6 years, and...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    So instead of asking a noob question this time I thought I would start a thread chronicling my attempt at a nano reef tank. The good the bad and the ugly. This is as much for me to track my progress as it is sharing all the fun I am having but please do feel free to chime in, especially if I am...
  3. Nano Reefs
    This summer I'm going to start a nano reef tank. It's going to be my first marine tank, and I know you should start out bigger, but I don't have the space and I've done a lot of research. Anyway, I'm just wondering about stocking for a 10 gallon tank with a hang on back refugium (I'm not sure...
  4. Nano Reefs
    Hello! I have had my biocube29g for 3 months now and I was thinking of adding a refugium using a10 gallon tank that I have lying around I also have 20 pounds ofsand in that tank bci am cycling it right now. ... I need a break down on how to add this tank to the 29g I need step by step. Thanks! !
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys, I attached a few pictures of my tank and was curious, what rock setup you think will look best as begin to add corals to the tank. #1 #2 #3 I appreciate your feedback!
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I just recently got a new occ clownfish for my 10g tank. The tank has been cycled and here are my parameters pH - 8 ammonia - 0 nitrites - 0 nitrates - 0ish I just tested the water last night after having my clown for 3 days. My clown seems to develop a spot or two overnight, because when I...
  7. Nano Reefs
    Hello! My first time posting on this forum. I have been using this site a lot for research and finally have a few questions for you all. I have just purchased a par38 LED bulb for my tank. It is pretty blue and I am worried that it is too blue. Is that possible? It contains 4 actinic blue, 1...
  8. Livestock Breeding and Propagation
    Hey guys. Ive always wanted a frag tank and i had an extra 10 gallon tank laying around and some eggcrate. I cut out eggcrate and put it as the bottom and made two L shaped things in the back left and back right and put 2 racks of egg crate on them. So then it had the shelf method used in my...
  9. Skimmers & other filtration
    today my Rio nano came in the mail first i'll tell you why i bought it then my experience with it, i chose this skimmer because of the price (20$ Amazon), and the reviews said "when" it works its a great skimmer, to me this means its got some design flaws and needs to be tweeked, no problem...
  10. Nano Reefs
    equipment- aquaclear 50 filter, aquaclear 20 power head , 50w tetra heater, 15lbs aragonite sand, 11 lbs of lace rock, 3 lbs of coral base, evolution led lights 10 leds 3w each 7 10k and 3 actinics, ato system , and a clown fish as of now. i hope to add just 1 more clown fish and then start my...
  11. 10g Nano

    Frogspawn, Giant Feather Duster, Yellow, orange, and purple sea whips, Toadstool Leather, Red Acan, Green Candy Cane, Red and Purple Mushrooms, Eagle eye and Radioactive Zoanthids, and green and orange ricordias.
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Ok, so I did a 10g and a 5g for nano jam but I never did put up a build thread for the 10 :doh: The tank is a standard 10 leader. I built an angled corner overflow from .220 acrylic. Mechanical media sits atop a deck of plastic screen door kick plate. Flow is provided by a 300gph pico evo...
  13. New 10g Nano

    Tank is cycling now. It has been seeded with about 2 cups of sand from a friend's tank. I have (2) 12000K T5HO bulbs, (2) Actinic Blue bulbs (72W total), and 4 Blue Moon LED's. it also has a Hydor Koralia 240 powerhead.
  14. Lighting
    I have a new 10g setup that I am putting together and I plan on having a small coral population with maybe 2 fish. I have an Odyssea T5 light fixture that has: 2x 18W T5 HO lamps 12000K 2x 18W T5 HO lamps Actinic Blue & 4x BLUE MOON LEDs Now I've ordered a timer to control the lights but...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    So I recently decided that I want to add a 10G sump to my 30G reef tank. I don't really plan on making it into a refugium, just want to add water volume to my system and hang my skimmer, filter, and heater out of the way of my display tank. At the same time, being new to the hobby I'm obsessed...
  16. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    We have (5) 1" drilled 10g tanks for sale, 3 sides are painted black. $10.00 each
  17. General Reef Discussion
    I plan on adding a 10gallon frag tank to my dt by sharing the sump, there is ample room left in the sump to accomodate for water level. i plan on just running 2 pumps in the sump since tank is already set up. what is a good external overflow and return pump? or other ways to plumb tank
  18. Tank Specs
    i've had a freshwater setup in this tank for almost 2 years, in which time i've had your standard tropical community, i bred for a while, and i'm currently housing a green spotted puffer. over the past couple months, i've slowly added salt to the water since this type of puffer is "brackish" but...
  19. Nano Reefs
    here it is with the act/moon lights here it is with all the lights on i know about the hair algae on that rock, i plan on trying to scrub it off when i get more time, i need to pick up an extra bristlely brush to do it. it came from the fish store like that =( and i havent had time to deal...
1-20 of 47 Results