TRT Welcomes Reef Clubs!
Written by Administrator

TheReefTank is very happy to offer Reef Clubs the opportunity to set-up a presence here at TRT and thus promote your club amongst over 200,000 saltwater aquarists that visit TRT every month!

 TRT offers Reef Clubs great benefits that will help your Club gain prominence at TRT and much more:

  • A Club Homepage featuring info about your Club, upcoming events and the latest posts in your Club's forum - All easy-to-update by the Club leaders.
  • Club Events Calendar
  • Club Forums - And multiple sub-forums if you please.  Having a members-only sub-forum is possible too.
  • Club's Member Badge featured next to your members avatar while visiting TRT.  The badges link back to the Club's homepage and thus promote your Club.
  • Support for Club Sponsors - Yes!  TRT is happy to allow Clubs to feature their Club sponsors' banners both in the Club's homepage and in the Club's forums.
  • Ability for Club leaders to PM all Club members at once - This is great to remind your members of an upcoming event, or send them last minute information.
  • TRT members can apply for membership to your Club with a click and Club leaders get notified and can approve/reject membership requests with a click.
  • And more... We are adding new stuff all the time!


Getting your Club set-up at TRT is very easy!!!  All you need to do is send us the following:

  • Club name
  • Club logo (400x80 pixels)
  • Club Member badge (100x30 pixels)
  • TRT username(s) of your Club leader(s)
Click here to join us today and gain exposure to over 200,000 saltwater aquarists that visit TRT every month!