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Maxima clam dying?

Hey I'v had this Blue maxima clam now for about 3 seemed to be doing really well and in the past 3 days or so has taken a turn for the worst...I think. It looked like one area on the outer edge of his mantle was pinched at first. He was not opening up all the way...opened about half way. My water hasent changed...I cant think of anything nipping at it...or any fish? Tank is a 90 gallon about a year old. Good flow, I keep SPS, and I have kessil 360 tuna blues. Not sure if it was pinched mantle disease. I came home today and he's about halfway open again but its flesh and mantle is sunken way inside of it, if that makes sense.
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Picture might help...
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The flesh sinking in like that isn't a good sign... There's really not much to a clam so don't be too surprised to wake up one morning to just an empty shell. Clams can be really tough, the require SO much light, it could be your Kessils weren't up for the job. There are also differing opinions on whether they need supplemental feeding - I lean more on the side of no, if you have a mature tank with nutrients to feed off. I know you keep a very clean tank so it could be a combo of the food and light...
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